Success Stories

Thames Water - Document Scanning Success Story

In this case study, DCS helps Thames Water to make lighter work of unavoidable paper processes.


Serving over 13 million people’s clean and waste water needs, Thames Water holds a lot of information about individual properties which is called upon in the form of search requests from solicitors and agents in their capacity of client services in house moves. All these requests have to be logged for reference.

The Challenge

With over 1000 search requests per day arriving at peak annual times, Thames Water decided to introduce electronic requests and introduced a gradual switch. But they found it difficult to convince solicitors and agents to submit their requests electronically. With 40% of requests still arriving in hard copy Thames Water needed to undertake a scanning arrangement to promptly allow them into their database.

The Solution

Thames Water outsourced the receipt of hard copy search requests to DCS. A DX Exchange number was set up for this purpose and DCS were made responsible for opening and scanning each request, saving each document as a PDF file, assigning unique reference numbers, collating all paperwork and cheques and returning all material on a master disk to Thames Water each day.

As a result, the search request response times for Thames Water have reduced from an average of 4 days to within 48 hours with the help of a committed DCS service which includes Saturdays and considerable reduces margins for error.

Outsourced scanning and data provision

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