Success Stories

Securitas HR Success Story

With the added urgency of a planned shared services closure, DCS worked with Securitas to electonicise their 14k hr files. DCS also made these newly formatted files available to HR staff via a hosted software service.


Securitas provides tailor made security services for home, workplace and mobile security. After two acquistions they found themselves inundated with large number HR record files and wanted a better, secure way to manage HR records. DCS digitised all HR records making them secure yet accessible from anywhere. 

The Challenge

With the new acquisitions securitas struggled to manage the large number of HR records inherited from the acquisitions. The wanted to digitise the files and make the information in the records accesible.

The Solution

DCS offered a secure, outsourced scanning service and using Kofax document scanning and classification technology converted all paper HR files to digital. The scanning solution was trained to recognise layouts of common Securitas documents and the information on the documents such as employee name and payroll numbers.

All employee records are stored digitally in DCS propeiertary document management system callled FileStore. Filestore allows Securitas to maintain a nine section HR file structure accessible via a simple web application. All the files are searchable by employee number and other details tagged against each file.

Switching to digital HR records management has liberated expensive office space and all new HR files are now being created online. Saving space and storage costs are just some of the benefits of HR records management. For further details read more about our HR Document Management solutions.

Document Scanning and FileStore

FileStore offers a flexible document management platform that is customisable and scalable. Organisations looking for a platform to store HR files digitally prefer a solution like FileStore where the rules to store files can be automatically set. Moreover, the files are easily retrievable with simple keyword searches. Another advantage of having digital HR records is the security of the files. They can only be accessed by authorised personnel.