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Neopost UK - HR Files Success Story

Neopost HR wanted to save space and improve security and efficiency by digitising its personnel files. DCS provided an HR management solution for back scanning and storing employee records.

Neopost HR goes digital for secure and efficient document storage

Neopost UK is a market leader in business communications equipment and software. It employs around 450 people across sales, finance, marketing and customer service. Records of current and past employees and applicants are managed by Neopost UK’s HR department.

The Challenge

As part of an overall efficiency drive, HR wished to create an electronic record of its employee data.

A digital database would deliver a number of benefits, including:

✓ a dramatic reduction in the space needed to store records in Neopost’s new UK premises

✓ secure and restricted access to special category data within employees’ records

✓ a more efficient records retrieval system, which also assists the fulfilment of subject access requests, in line with the requirements of GDPR

✓ simultaneous access, as online information can be viewed by two or more users at the same time while paper-based records become unavailable when someone is using them

✓ the latest security features. The system’s design is in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation’s guidelines on ‘data protection by design and by default’

✓ a simpler and more efficient way of responding to employee requests to see personal data held about them (known as subject access requests).

“As a department, we’re doing everything we can to digitise all of our information,” says Vicki Wright, Neopost HR recruitment manager.

“Certain information in employee records needs to be locked down but we didn’t want records to become fragmented, with a main personnel file and separate folders for information with restricted access. We needed a system that supports different access rights.”

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The Process

Neopost HR turned to Data Capture Solutions (DCS)to assess the requirements and propose a solution.

“The system is being built to our specifications,” says Vicki.

"We had a full-on demo of how it could work and then discussed how we wanted it to look and the keywords we’d need to search on. It’s been a smooth process – we’ve been given all the information we could need, and we’ve asked a lot of questions!"

The solution will use FileStore, a web-based document management system with all existing paper-based files being scanned and uploaded to the system.


The Solution

The solution has two elements. The first involves creating an electronic record of each employee by scanning existing paper-based documents and combining all files from across HR functions to create one centralised record for each employee.

The second stage is to store the records within the web-based document management system FileStore so that HR personnel can view, search and retrieve information as and when they need it. HR will also be able to scan in subsequent information to add to the document repository.

Delivery and Results

From start to finish, design, build and implementation of the system will take around four months, including the back-scan of files.

Once the system has been built, up to seven HR team members will be trained on how to use it. Concurrent licences will allow up to three members of staff to search, view and add to the document store at the same time.

The single, centralised electronic repository will support fast, secure and simple access to records from any location, whenever information is needed, delivering improved response times to information requests and avoiding work stalling in one area when another is accessing a file.

Security will be assured through electronic segregation of information within records and controlled access rights governing who can view what.

HR reporting will be significantly assisted with the improved ability to search across records to track, measure and report. A central repository of records will help streamline and standardise HR processes, join up operational HR functions and promote efficiency within the department.

“We’re confident the system will address our information storage and retrieval needs,”says Vicki.

"We will no longer have issues of space and we’ll be able to maintain one solid HR file for each person. We’ll also be able to search the data in a number of different ways."

Customer Feedback

"Embarking on this transition has been a smooth-running and easy process. The Data Capture Solutions team has been very accommodating; we’ve had quick responses when we’ve asked questions, the team has visited us when we needed them and there haven’t been any issues."

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