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East Midlands Electricity - Outsourced Specialist Scanning Success Story

EME assesses the potential benefits of electronic document storage and a large scanning project. DCS provided a specialist scanning solution to help cut costs.


The electricity 'suppliers' who bill us rely on someone to take care of the infrastructure. In the East Midlands region the electricity supply is maintained by East Midlands Electricity. EME is responsible for maintaining grid supply points and sub-stations alongside polemounted and underground cabling totalling some 69,440km of network.

The Challenge

The EME library consisted of a bank of some 100,000 drawings held in around 60 cabinets and tanks, and covering a massive 300m2 of floor space. Most of the drawings were in an unusual 75 or 105mm old microfilm format and the remainder were large format folded paper drawings. Many of these documents were aged and fragile.

Accessing specific drawings could sometimes take days and any human misfiling errors would be difficult to undo. This and the pressure on available space, prompted EME to assess the potential benefits of electronic document storage and a large scanning project.

The Solution

DCS personnel brought state-of-the-art scanning equipment and worked on site for the 9 month contract period, ensuring that EME had access to and control over their documents at all times. DCS also undertook the indexing process for the drawings, transferring existing index information into Excel format for uploading to the eventual document management system. This process required stringent checks to retain accuracy.

EME engineers can now access the drawings they need on their own PCs, based on a few keystrokes and a simple electronic search. The central database returns the image they want in seconds and misfiling worries are eradicated. CAD operators can also update them where required.

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