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DCS Legal Sector Digital Mailroom Success Story

In this case study, DCS helps a legal sector client to implement a digital mailroom for handling claims-related post, reducing reliance on internal post and hastening information into the claims processing environment.


This legal sector client is a UK leader specialising exclusively in personal injury litigation for large corporations and individuals alike, recovering over £30 million in compensation each year for their clients. Operating from two buildings in the same business park, they receive approximately 1000 post items each day.

The Challenge

Most of the arriving correspondence (court documents, client letters, third party solicitor letters, medical reports, cheques, general correspondence) would be actioned in paper format. The client wished to maximise use of their claims processing system (Proclaim) by scanning a much higher proportion of correspondence into it.

The Solution

Two new dedicated scanners were deployed (one at each site), both coupled with Kofax-enabled PC workstations in order to run arriving documents through a scan, image cleanup and classification process. In phases, several distinct workstreams were directed through the new digital mailroom solution:

  • General Correspondence
  • Medical Reports
  • Cheques
  • Emails

Coded separator sheets are used to separate one document from the next during scanning. PDF and XML files are created to send into Proclaim, thereby reducing considerably the manual effort involved in obtaining actionable case data.

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