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Birmingham City Council - Cheques Processing Success Story

DCS enabled Birmigham CC to speed up their payment processes with a cheque scanning solution deploying best-in-class hardware and software. Removal of full manual keying ensured prompter payments and better supplier relationships.


Birmingham City Council has made significant improvements to operational efficiency and return on investment by implementing a cheques processing solution from DCS.

The Challenge

In the post, Birmingham City Council receives a steady influx of cheques accompanying Giros (for Council Tax payments), Business Rates Statements and permit requests. They also receive emails with invoice attachments.

The council was finding that an ever-increasing volume of payments coming in was putting pressure on staff to process them in a timely fashion. With each cheque needing to be scanned before it could be processed and banked, the Finance department were relying on old scanners to create scan-to-archive only image files.

DCS were brought in to revitalise the way in which cheques, statements and other mail items were received, the intent being to speed up payment processing for the ultimate benefit of all council departments.

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The Solution

Cheque Processing Hardware

Processing cheques on a click-to-verify basis rather than full manual keying saves a lot of time and ensures that payments are processed as promptly as they are made.

DCS recommended that a new, dedicated scanner should be tasked to undertake the cheque and statement scanning work. A Kodak 3400 is well suited to this task so one was arranged for Birmingham CC - with support and maintenance from DCS included.

Cheque Processing Software

For cheque scanning, Kofax Capture was set up to run on 2 concurrent stations. Kofax VRS Image Enhancement would maintain the highest possible scan quality and Kofax Transformation unlimited field extraction would identify and extract the following data:

• Cheque number
• Sort code from cheque
• MICR code from cheque
• Cheque amount (from cheque and giro/statement)
• Reference numbers / other line items as applicable.

Supporting correspondence would be released into separate work queues for processing, while captured index data would be exported as CSV files to Birmingham City Council’s back-end systems (SAP).

FileStore EDM was deployed as a lookup database for 5 departments on a local server, thus allowing cheque data to be matched to accounts/customers and the images to be stored after the cheques were banked by Birmingham CC.

The solution also removes the necessity for interdepartmental transfer of physical documents. Since they are captured at point of entry to the organisation, everyone with the appropriate access can view the same records within FileStore.

Download the Data Capture Solutions Birmingham City Council Case Study here

Main Benefits for Birmingham City Council

•Monies are received faster

•Multiple manual processes are neatly bypassed

•A greater operating efficiency is brought to many departments in staff time and accounting costs.

This operation is scaleable for additional workflows as necessary in the future.

Cheque Processing Solutions from Data Capture Solutions

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