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Sales Order Processing Solutions

Data Capture Solutions can help you to handle your sales order processing quickly and accurately through a single managed stream, regardless of whether they arrive by web, fax, post, mobile phone or email.


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Benefits of DCS Sales Order Processing Solutions and Automation


Speeds Up Revenue Cycle


Collects Disparate Processes


Retains Customers


Lowers the Cost of Processing

Order data is extracted and validated from all orders in all incoming channels, and processed according to your business rules. DCS capture and management systems are closely integrated with your CRM and sales processing systems and manageable workflows are created so the whole system can be monitored live. 

  • Revenue cycle is sped up
  • Satisfied customers retained and repeat business
  • Multichannel, disparate processes harnessed together into one
  • Real-time tracking dashboards enable visibility of the whole process
  • Automation of many procedures lowers the cost of order processing
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Practical Applications

Multi-Channel Sales Order Capture

Traditionally most orders have been placed by post, fax or in person, but buying patterns have changed with the emergence of new media channels such as email, PDF attachments, SMS or web forms. Manually consolidating order information from various channels can be time-consuming and costly. 

DCS’s sales order solutions centralise the collection of orders from various channels and at the same time provides distributed access to order information. This enables your staff to turn around customer orders faster, improve customer relations and generate cross selling opportunities and at the same time gives you a centralised view to monitor performance of different business units.

Error-free and Auditable Sales Order Processing

Order data is automatically extracted, validated and then processed according to your internal rules. Clean data is seamlessly integrated with your enterprise resource planning (ERP), CRM and sales processing systems.

Digital order documents can be shared between multiple offices without any delays, loss or postage costs, reducing per order processing costs significantly.

With MS Visio functionality, you can easily create and manage workflow processes, approvals, escalations, exceptions, returns and communication processes automatically.


Internal Order Tracking and Customer Facing Portals

  • Visibility of the complete sales process - DCS provides dashboards to monitor complete order status. Orders can be tracked from the moment they arrive through to fulfilment.
  • Real time tracking of orders - Customers can check the status of their orders using a simple browser-based application, which helps reduce inbound customer query volumes. Customers can also track orders, view stock levels, handle returns and check order document information via a customer portal providing real-time data on the status of current orders.
  • Promote better customer relations and cross-selling - With a streamlined sales order process, customers receive better service, fewer resources are required for customer retention and additional purchases can be added to ongoing orders.

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Sales Order Processing Software

Kofax Capture automates and accelerates sales order processing by capturing all types of paper and electronic documents and forms:

Paper – Captures order information and transforms them into accurate and actionable information.

Fax – Automate receipt and import of faxed documents and convert them to images for extraction of important information.

Emails – Capture order information from the body of the email as well as attachments and classify orders on the basis of extracted order information.

Web forms and other electronic formats – Capture relevant information from online order forms and shopping carts to automatically update backend systems.

 Automatic sales order classification separates orders on the basis of:

  • Departmental coding
  • Geography / sales area
  • Order number
  • Order volume
  • Line items

You can also validate sales orders against PO information or other existing customer records.

Automates your sales order processes so that product configurations, credit applications, approvals and other stages can be automated, tracked and escalated quickly when exceptions or bottlenecks occur.
Automated communication and integration between other backend systems is easy via SQL, XML, web services and a range of other methods. 

Digitising order management allows you to route order information directly into your CRM or ERP systems eliminating any intermediate manual steps. With digital mailroom you can leverage the following processes:

  • Update order completion status or delivery status in the accounts payable system and initiate the payment collection process.
  • Route order information or create new sales orders in ERP, CRM or other back end systems.
  • Automatically identify exceptions and redirect them to specialist teams.

The ability of more accurate information reduces errors or mistakes in the order fulfilment process.  

Systems We Integrate With

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Integration - SAP

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