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Protecting the Data of Your Most Valuable Resource

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HR Document Management Solutions

We know that your HR team need document management solutions that not only help them manage the information involved, but are also flexible enough to work across multiple locations.

DCS HR document management solutions assist organisations to improve the management of their HR information. DCS are experts in understanding and resolving the problems faced by HR departments with management services and cloud computing software.


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Benefits of Document Capture Solutions for Human Resources


Quicker Employee Onboarding


Tight User Access Control


Data Protection Compliance


On-Premise or Hosted

  • By shortening the time taken to fill vacancies by automating data gathering and research, #digitalevolution in recruitment makes a massive difference which reflects on the performance of the HR function as a whole.

  • Improve compliance and security by implementing tight user access control. The system allows easy implementation of policies for retention, retrieval and destruction of critical information. The lifecycle of records from declaration to destruction can be automated, significantly reducing the cost of administering retention and the risk of non-compliance. 

  • The system also offers features such as redaction to remove sensitive information from a document without the use of markers, ensuring the confidentiality of sensitive information within documents.

  • Reduce the cost of implementation by choosing a method that suits your business needs best. We can set up hardware and software to process mail items on premises, alternatively you can outsource your mailroom to the experts

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Practical Applications

HR Checklists

Automating the management of checklists can reduce the effort involved in monitoring document driven HR processes by:

  • Automating collection and gathering of documents from employees, senior managers or other external entities.
  • Creating tasks for various users in the process flow to complete the action in time.
  • Tracking and monitoring completion of tasks in the HR workflow and alerting managers of any delays.
  • Routing documents and employee information to managers for approvals.
  • Sending automatic reminders to users to take action. For example, sending a reminder to an employee to update their visa documents before the expiry date.

Human Resource Workflows

 Automated reminders find usage in various human resource processes such as:

  • Recruitment and application – With FileStore EDM CV’s, interview notes and application forms can be stored digitally and accessed by users distributed globally. Managers can be alerted to take action, add notes or approve applications to progress them through the recruitment process.
  • Complete the appraisal cycle in time – Document-based triggers can be set to alert managers to appraisal documents or performance reviews that need rating and approval. FileStore records management solutions enable managers to access these documents from anywhere through a web-based platform. These documents can then be passed back to HR or entered back into the review workflow.
  • Compliance and audit reports – Automatic alerts for gathering documents from employees eliminate the risk of non- compliance. HR is responsible for updating employee records annually for Home Office audits and in some cases more frequently. Automatic alerts remind employees to update records and prompt HR managers to ensure records are in order by a given date, significantly reducing the risks of non-compliance.
  • Managing employee communication – Reminders to take available leave, submit required documents or claim expenses can be automated with FileStore.


Employee Records

Our solutions electronically capture information from employee documents, CVs, forms, appraisal sheets, personal records and timesheets, streamlining the entire HR process. Standard HR processes such as joining, leaving and appraisals can be automated with our FileStore BPM workflow software, ensuring that the correct forms are used, filled in on time, checked and then renewed at regular times in accordance with standard procedures.

Employee Time Sheets

  • The first step in automating timesheets is scanning paper copies and converting them to digital format.
  • Capture information from the timesheets in any format – paper, fax, emails or PDF attachments.
  • Validate, sort and store time sheets in FileStore – a central document management library. Retrieval is easy through a browser based keyword search.
  • Automate time sheet processing using FileStore BPM – This means employees can be automatically reminded of the deadlines to fill in timesheets. Once received, time sheets can be checked, routed to the approver and automatically forwarded to the payroll system.

FileStore can integrate seamlessly with existing accounting and payroll systems ensuring timesheets are processed before deadlines and there is no manual effort wasted in the process.



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Explore our Software for Human Resource Specialists

We have vast experience of providing digital mail room solutions to some of the largest companies in the world such as Paragon, ExxonMobil, Natural England, Bentley Motors and we differentiate ourselves by providing an end-to-end mail management solution including:

  • Opening, sorting of incoming mail 
  • Scanning and capture of high value mail items
  • Data extraction using industry leading Kofax software
  • Ability to process email, attachments and mobile channels for incoming information
  • Process automation for dependent business workflows.

FileStore BPM automatically handles paper driven form and document processes such as joiner, leaver, disciplinary or performance review information.

This ensures HR staff and departmental management teams follow internal and mandatory legal procedures correctly and the risk of staff disputes, tribunal and legal costs are minimised.

FileStore BPM has inbuilt integration with MS Office, Exchange, SQL,

FileStore EDM is an easy to use web based solution which enables you to securely manage and store all of your employee records.

FileStore EDM can hold scanned paper, fax, email or MS Office files, and each file is time and date stamped to maintain an end-to-end audit log of who did what and when.

Access to files can be controlled by HR managers independently of any internal IT staff to maintain confidentiality.

Systems We Integrate With

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