Automated Sales Order Processing Solutions

Cut Processing Times


We can help you handle your sales order processing quickly and accurately through a single managed stream regardless of whether they arrive by web, fax, post, mobile phone or email. DCS's automation solutions are closely integrated with your CRM and sales processing systems.

Manageable workflows are created so the whole system can be monitored live through real-time tracking dashboards. Your whole automated sales order process will be visible to you!


Benefits of a DCS Sales Order Processing Automation Solution

Speeds Up Revenue Cycles
  • Automated workflows can handle manual processes.
  • Processing times decrease in minutes.
  • Approvals and execution times shorten with automated task routing.
Retain Customers
  • Shorter responsive timescales to address customer queries.
  • Enables you to acquire repeat business.
  • Increases the potential for cross-sell opportunities.
Lowers Processing Costs
  • Can automate many processing procedures in parallel or sequentially.
  • Enables you to resource your teams to higher level activities
  • Sales order processing on the cloud avoids additional investment in IT infrastructure.

Multi-Channel Sales Order Capture

Traditionally most orders have been placed by post, fax or in person, but buying patterns have changed with the emergence of digital channels. Manually consolidating order information can be time-consuming and costly.

Our sales order solutions centralise the collection of orders from multiple channels and provides distributed access to order information. You will also have a centralised view to monitor performance of different business units.


Internal Purchase Order Tracking and Customer Facing Portals


From the supplier side, orders can be tracked from the moment they arrive through to fulfilment.

Customers can check the status of their orders using a simple browser-based application, which helps reduce inbound customer query volumes. They can also track orders, view stock levels, handle returns and document information with real-time data.

With a streamlined sales order process, customers receive better service, smaller customer service teams are required for customer retention. Also, additional purchases can be added to ongoing orders.

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Learn About Our Sales Order Processing Software

Kofax Capture

Kofax Capture accelerates order entry by capturing all types of paper and electronic documents and forms. The possible media and details are as follows:

With Paper

Captures order information and transforms them into accurate and actionable information for your databases and spreadsheets.

With Fax

Automates receipt and import of faxed documents and converts them to images for data extraction.

With Emails

Captures order information from the body of the email as well as attachments and classifies orders on the basis of the extracted order information.

With Web forms and other electronic formats

Captures relevant information from online order forms and shopping carts to automatically update backend systems.

Filestore EDM

Filestore's automated sales order classification modules separate orders on the basis of: departmental coding, geography / sales area, order number, order volume, and line items. You can also validate sales orders against purchase order information or other existing customer records.

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Filestore BPM

Filestore BPM automates your sales order processes so that product configurations, credit applications, approvals and other stages can be automated, tracked and escalated quickly when exceptions or bottlenecks occur.

Automated communication and integration between other backend systems is easy via SQL, XML, websave services and a range of other methods.

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DCS Mail Manager Software

Mailmanager allows you to route order information directly into your CRM or ERP systems, eliminating any intermediate manual steps. Adding a digital mailroom to your sales order processing workflow, you can:

  • Update order completion status or delivery status in the accounts payable system and initiate the payment collection process.
  • Route order information or create new sales orders in ERP, CRM or other back end systems.
  • Automatically identify exceptions and redirect them to specialist teams.

Accurate information reduces errors or mistakes in the order fulfilment process, making sure the last steps don't let you down.

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Outsource Your Sales Order Processes

Manually processing high volumes of paper is a costly and inefficient process. Keying in data is the same way. Our outsourced services is fully accredited and trusted by government and Fortune 500s. Focus your resources on peak activity. Outsource to us today!



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