Invoice Automation - e-invoicing for Suppliers

Even if you have already invested in an automated purchase to pay or invoice processing solution, you may not be realising the full cost-saving and efficiency benefits. By getting your suppliers to set up supplier e-invoicing you can extend the efficiency of your own processes while helping your suppliers reduce their own costs.

Receive invoices in PDF format

Because our invoice processing software has a direct impact on your account's payable processes, we will always look at your requirements more globally prior to designing and implementing a solution. Within the accounts payable process this includes looking at the parts of the process which occur externally, where you have less control.

With DCS e-invoicing solution you can enable the receipt of invoices in PDF format, eliminating the need for paper invoices. The software programs your suppliers use to generate paper invoices will normally be capable of generating the same invoice in electronic PDF format. Our e-invoicing software captures information from PDF invoices sent by email and enters it directly into your invoice processing workflow without any manual keying, printing or distribution involved.

DCS can also work directly with your suppliers to set up compliant PDF invoicing. We can help them establish a procedure for consistent PDF generation and ensure the format is optimised for your processing needs.

Benefits of e-invoicing

  • Reduce paper invoice handling and storage in your business
  • Reduce paper invoice scanning
  • Accelerate automated invoice processing with easy PDF data extraction

Help your suppliers save money on overheads such as postage, stationery, paper and print consumables while improving their staff productivity

Improve supplier relations by helping them implement e-invoicing and processing their invoices faster

Achieve further supplier efficiency benefits by setting up a supplier portal.

Are DCS workflow solutions scalable to other business functions?

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