Paperless Invoicing

DCS has helped companies likes FGA Capital, Exxon Mobil, ARI Fleet UK, Notcutts and many more to help reduce the cost of processing invoices.

Looking to take paper out of your accounts payable processes?

By getting rid of paper invoices in the beginning of the accounts payable process can help companies:

Accelerate invoice processing and payments and hence improve supplier relations

Provide full visibility of the invoice status and track each invoice transaction to its payment. This also means availability of full audit trail to meet compliance requirements.

Eliminate issues such as lost invoices, reduces duplicate payments and late payments.

Majority of the invoices can be processed straight through with tedious manual processing of paper invoices.

How does DCS achieve paperless invoicing?

Every company has a unique accounts payable process and DCS provides invoice automation solutions customised to your needs.We promote "capture to process" and provide solutions to:

Invoice scanning and capture. Convert paper invoices into electronic formats by scanning and capture of invoices as they are received.

Automate invoice processing workflows. These workflows replace in-efficient process of passing paper invoices around to different teams for approval and processing.

Move to e-invoicing made simpler. Easy to install and use, e-invoicing solutions help get suppliers on-board and cuts out paper invoicing at the source.

Outsource invoice processing. DCS can collect your invoices, scan and capture important information from invoices and upload invoice images and data captured into your accounting system. 

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