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Digital Mailroom Automation Solutions

The key to mailroom efficiency is converting high volume papers into digital documents and automating onward mail processing.

DCS mailroom automation solutions allow you to centrally capture, route and process mail items by merging all incoming information. Come and leverage our single mail handling process and gain faster response times.


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Benefits of Using a Digital Mailroom

Getting rid of manual processes from your mailroom can help reduce the cost of operations by up to 70% and also help speed up follow on processes such as invoice processing, claims management and order processing. 

Optimised Use of Resources

Your staff do not waste time in administration and handling of incoming mail items as letters can be opened and sorted using automated letter openers and scanned straight into mail boxes or business systems. 

Reduced Cost of Operations

By scanning all mail items on arrival,  the cost of distribution and storage of documents is reduced significantly. Digital documents also reduce the risk of loss of documents. 

Prioritise Processing of Mail

Our solutions help categorise mail items by document types such a as invoices, complaints, claims, general correspondence helping you prioritise processing of high value items. This results in other business benefits such as streamlined cashflow and better customer service.

Increase Efficiency of Business Processes

Business processes dependent on information coming through your mailroom such as accounts payable and customer services are able to receive information faster, can process it quicker and more efficiently.

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Practical Applications for Mailroom Automation

Centralised Mailroom and Cost Savings with Mailroom Automation

Setting up a mailroom in-house has definite advantages especially if your organisation is spread across various sites. The total cost of set-up, infrastructure, high volume resources and maintenance can be shared across the sites and an automated mailroom can act as a centralised mailroom for all other business units.

Security and Compliance of Mail Item Processing

Other organisations choose to have an  in-house mailroom automation solution if they are regulated  by a compliance standard that does not allow documents to leave their premises. If this describes your organisation, DCS can consult on securing high volumes of mail documents so that your processes remain compliant and future-proof.


A Gateway Towards Further Automation

The implementation of a digital mailroom with automated workflow rules may seem an unlikely prospect at first glance when you consider all the different items that arrive in the postbags each day.

  • Your first action is to identify 'priority' items such as order forms, claim forms, invoices, and any other items whose prompt handling are key to the successful running of the organisation (for service or profit). 
  • Establish daily/monthly volumes. 
  • Define the workflow that these documents follow when they are manually processed, for example, if an invoice needs to be processed who should it be forwarded to for approval, if rejected what's the process of querying the invoice.
  • Finally identify hardware, software and staffing requirements for scanning, capture and automated routing of incoming mail. 

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Mail Manager Digital Mailroom Solution -- Mailroom Automation Software to Get You Started

We have vast experience of providing digital mail room solutions to some of the largest companies in the world such as Paragon, ExxonMobil, Natural England, Bentley Motors and we differentiate ourselves by providing an end-to-end mail management solution including:

  • Opening, sorting of incoming mail 
  • Scanning and capture of high value mail items
  • Data extraction using industry leading Kofax software
  • Ability to process email, attachments and mobile channels for incoming information
  • Process automation for dependent business workflows.

Mail Manager stores an electronic copy of each document in a structured repository along with description of the document. It identifies document type and classifies them (as invoices, mail items, correspondence letters, order forms or any other pre-set transaction type). Mail Manager also allocates the document to one or multiple people for further action.

If you are struggling to handle large volumes of physical/electronic documents and manually sort and distribute them for processing, Mail Manager is the solution for you. Customers implementing mailroom automation  projects find it especially beneficial.

Systems our Digital Mailroom Solution Integrates With

Integration - Sharepoint

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Additional Resources on Mailroom Automation by DCS


Research Councils UK Digital Mailroom Case Study

Data Capture Solutions helps Shared service centre of Research Councils to streamline processing of incoming documents through their mailroom. The centre processes about 2 million documents per annum across different sites.
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DCS was asked to come up with a way to address several document processing issues identified by Paragon during a Document Management Review. Two key divisions were under focus, with cost control a key concern. The implemented solution involved new hardware, upgraded software a simplification of workflow process - any one of which would have made an improvement. Paragon went all-in.

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Irwell Valley Housing Association manages over 7,000 properties from their three offices in the Greater Manchester Area. They have grown rapidly through stock transfer from local authorities, and are focused on the refurbishment and functional improvement of these homes for their 16,000 customers. DCS provided them with an automated mailroom and invoice processing solution.

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