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Automated Claims and Case Management Solutions for Enterprise

Across the board, people involved in claims-based working need rapid, easy access to all case and claims documents. Improving the efficiency of claims and case management systems will benefit organisations as diverse as insurance companies and law firms.

DCS can start by turning your paper claims into digital claims, making them more searchable with a 10-15% savings in administrative costs. Or DCS can help you complete your digital journey by helping your staff balance their workloads with 'touchless processing' and robotics. 

Whichever your path, an automated claims solution can lead to greater customer satisfaction as queries are answered quicker and with greater precision.


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Benefits of DCS Automation Software for Claims Management / Case Management Teams


Improve processing with Team Collaboration


Tight User Access Control


See Real Time Version Control & Information Redaction


On-Premise or Hosted

Our claims processing automation solutions benefit you by: 

  • Facilitation: Reducing turnaround time for each claim application considerably by facilitating the exchange of documents easily between claimant, adjudicator, adjustors and other staff.
  • Visibility: The browser based application allows remote parties to view claims and provide remote settlement services.
  • Speed: Enabling teams to respond to customer calls faster and receive accurate information, documents and pictures from the claimant easily.
  • Cost-Saving: Helping avoid upfront CAPEX IT investments by offering hosted  "per claim" charged SaaS solutions in addition to on-premise installed solutions.
  • Compliance: Helping meet all compliance standards including the BSI code of practice, Data Protection Act, Solvency 2 or underwriting procedures.
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Practical Applications

Types of Claims We Process and Automate


Mis-sold Policy Claims


Warranty Claims


PPI Claims


Insurance Claims


Medical Claims

Claims Scanning and Capture

The sophisticated technology used to scan and electronically capture paper claim documents delivers high document throughput while automatically classifying items using intelligent document recognition. The same mail handling process can be used to automatically capture, classify and route items such as claims, policy applications, letters of complaint, invoices and other business critical mail.

The ability to automatically detect and extract information such as names or policy numbers from captured documents such as claim forms, medical records, police reports, repair quotes, adjuster reports or legal documents can accelerate routing to the appropriate handler. Capturing all case related documents electronically allows them to be stored online in a single electronic case file.

Fraud Detection

Automated claim processing software presents key advantages for timely detection of fraudulent claims. Automating the claim receiving process means that incoming claims are validated immediately against existing customer and claim records. Easier and faster sharing of new claim documents means they are available earlier on other systems for working on by other parties.



Upstream Warranty Contracts

Warranty application form capture makes the initiation and management of warranty contracts easier and cheaper. The solution eliminates paper and creates electronically stored contract images which warranty administrators can quickly search and view using a standard web browser. A data extraction and validation module speeds up the entry of customer data into database systems and minimises manual error.

Smart Document Handling for Process Efficiency

Teams need to be able to retrieve documents quickly and track them effectively through processes. DCS digital mailroom automation for claims can help significantly boost claim processing efficiency through:

Document indexing – documents are electronically indexed from the moment they arrive. This allows you to electronically tag documents with key information such as claimant name or matter number, enabling rapid retrieval from any database or electronic storage system.

Document data extraction – key data such as claimant name, address, date and reference numbers can be extracted directly from forms and correspondence documents. Extraction generates actionable electronic data for use in your claim processing systems as soon as documents arrive by post or email.

Case management integration – capturing claim form, claim letter and other documents as they arrive, allows them to be added as electronic files to your case management system. The Kofax Capture technology featured in our mailroom solution integrates seamlessly with claims management applications such as Proclaim, as well as most CRM and ERP systems.

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Explore our Claims Management Software

Captures claims forms and case documents from paper, fax or email into a common structured digital format. Information can be classified and content automatically extracted making workflow initiation and tracking faster.

Manages document storage, security and user access so teams spread over multiple locations can securely collaborate on cases. FileStore EDM integrates easily into existing systems to give you tailored case document management and storage facilities.

Automates work processes and works side by side with your existing case management system. Stages, escalations and notifications can be automatically coded and are easily defined and changed using Microsoft Visio to map out case lifecycle flowcharts. FileStore BPM has inbuilt integration with MS Office, Exchange, SQL, BizTalk, SAP, CRM and many other systems.

Claims management businesses can achieve a rapid return on investment with the DCS mailroom automation solution.

  • The cost per claim falls as a larger number of claims are processed per day without increasing headcount.
  • Capturing claim documents electronically reduces the need for physical document storage. Office space is freed up and the need to rent extra space is avoided.
  • Outsourcing to the DCS mailroom solution means no capital expenditure to further protect profits.
  • You can gradually apply the solution to other processes such as invoice processing or employee records management to obtain further value from your investment.

Systems We Integrate With


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