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Improve PPI Claim Profitability With Mailroom Automation

The profitability of PPI claims management can be affected by unacceptably high PPI claim processing costs. Processing high volumes of PPI claims involves managing a multitude of documents. This can cause backlogs and delays in PPI claim processing which increases the cost per claim.

How can DCS help improve PPI claim profitability?

DCS are experts in optimising business processes. Our solutions can help PPI claims management businesses:

Reduce delays and bottlenecks in handling high volumes of incoming PPI claim documents.

Improve efficiency in PPI claim processing.

Avoid the need for additional headcount or storage space.

Reducing delays in PPI claim processing

DCS offer a digital mailroom solution featuring industry-leading Kofax Capture technology to enable faster throughput of PPI claim documents. Key features include:

Scanning and/or electronic capture of PPI documents as they arrive by post, fax or email.

Avoiding time-consuming, manual mail sorting using automated document sorting and classification.

Rapid routing of sorted and classified documents to the right case handler, team or software application according to your business rules, including the ability to prioritise urgent and important items, such as offers or settlements.

Typical examples of PPI documents which can be processed via DCS digital mailroom automation:

PPI Claim letter

PPI Claim form

FOS PPI questionnaire





Acceptance slips.

Improving PPI claim processing efficiency

For efficient PPI claim processing, teams need to be able to retrieve documents quickly and track them effectively through processes. DCS digital mailroom automation can help significantly boost PPI claim processing efficiency through:

Document indexing – documents are electronically indexed from the moment they arrive. This allows you to electronically tag documents with key information such as claimant name or matter number, enabling rapid retrieval from any database or electronic storage system.

Document data extraction – key data such as claimant name, address, date and reference numbers can be extracted directly from documents such as the PPI claim letter, PPI claim form, FOS questionnaire and correspondence documents. Extraction enables generation of actionable electronic data for use in your PPI claim processing process as soon as documents arrive by post or email.

Case management integration – capturing PPI claim form, claim letter and other documents as they arrive, allows them to be added as electronic files to your case management system. The Kofax Capture technology featured in our mailroom solution integrates seamlessly with claims management applications such as Proclaim, as well as most CRM and ERP systems.

Outsourced PPI claim form capture and processing

PPI claims management companies can reduce fixed claim processing overheads by outsourcing PPI claim form processing to DCS.

We can set up a dedicated PO box address to receive one or more of your document types at our secure ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 accredited UK service centre. This gives companies access to experienced staff and state-of-the-art equipment on a simple per-document charging basis, which changes in line with the peaks and troughs in claim volumes.

Services include document scanning, indexing, data extraction and delivery of documents electronically to your case handlers, business applications or repositories.

Achieve a rapid ROI with DCS mailroom automation solutions

PPI claims management businesses can achieve a rapid return on investment with the DCS mailroom automation solution.

The solution reduces the cost per claim by enabling a larger number of claims to be processed per day without increasing headcount.

Capturing PPI claim documents electronically  reduces the need for physical document storage. This can free up valuable office space, or avoid the need to rent extra space.

Using the DCS mailroom automation solution on an outsourced basis can further increase the benefits to profitability by avoiding the need for capital expenditure.

You can gradually apply the solution to other processes such as invoice processing or employee

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