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Automated Accounts Payable Solutions

Placing automation based accounts payable solutions in your toolkit quickens work cycles and eliminates manual handling in the most gruelling tasks.We have developed a range of ap automation , workflow, and intelligent capture solutions devoted to multiple touch-points in the accounts payable process.

From automating data entry in your account logs, to data storage compliance, DCS automated accounts payable solutions are accurate, flexible and the best finance teams.


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Benefits of Leveraging Automation as Accounts Payable Solutions

AP process flows are created bespoke just for your organisation. Decrease manual handling so that you can make savings from day one.


Reduce Processing Costs and Manual Errors


Prevent Late Payment Errors and Stop Issues in your Cashflow


Streamline Audit Compliance


Improve Supplier Relationships and Management

  • Hosted Invoice Processing and invoice management software on SaaS/Cloud. Your staff can access intelligently captured invoices via a simple web browser interface no matter where they are located. With a DCS cloud-based invoice processing solution, you avoid having to make any additional investment in IT infrastructure. Provide information access to staff in multiple locations at a low cost.

  • A variety of charging options: Options include pay per invoice, pay per transaction, pay per user, traditional capital purchase, or lease agreement.

  • On-premise or installed automated invoice processing: DCS can provide the consultancy and services to help you install a complete automated invoice processing, full purchase-to-pay solutions or other finance document automation at your premises.

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Where You Can Apply our Accounts Payable Solutions

Invoice Coding

DCS invoice processing software allows you to set up standard codes and enforce their usage. You can automate the creation of complex invoice codes based on different criteria such as coding per line item, departments, suppliers, or stage payment process. The software also automates routing of invoices into different business workflows based on their codes.

With the DCS web-based platform, accounts payable departments can:

  • Automate coding of purchase order (PO) referenced invoices, recurring invoices and other straight-forward invoice types and route automatically to the right approver.
  • Automate distribution of non-PO invoices to users for electronic coding wherever they are located.
  • Store cost centre and general ledger (GL) code information for online access and online searching by authorised staff.
  • Set up automatic alerts and reminders to action missing codes promptly.
  • Generate management reports based on invoice coding to identify bottlenecks and review other invoice processing performance data.

Invoice Reconciliation with 2-Way Invoice Matching 

Invoice scanning and capture firstly extracts information such as supplier name, purchase order number and invoice amount. A workflow then automatically applies rule based matching of captured invoices to purchase orders in your ERP database without any manual intervention.

Different workflow rules can be implemented for different purchase order classes such as pre-approved purchase orders, contract based purchase orders or multi-purchase order invoices. Depending on the results, the invoice will automatically enter the right workflow for coding, approval and payment. In the event of discrepancies or unmatched invoices, an exception handling workflow is triggered routing invoices to the appropriate query handler.

Invoice Reconciliation with 3-Way Invoice Matching

DCS has also helped companies set up 3-way invoice reconciliation with matching against both purchase order and goods received note (GRN). This process essentially involves the additional stage of GRN scanning, capture, data extraction and storage.

Further multi-way invoice matching options can be implemented incorporating other documentation such as inspection lists and itemised bills. The invoice information is reconciled with these documents and unmatched invoices are routed in exception workflow for quick resolution.





DCS offers e-procurement solutions that automate the 4-step process of raising a purchase order -

  • Allow staff to search authorised supplier catalogues
  • Minimise rogue purchasing from unauthorised suppliers
  • Create requisitions electronically
  • Route them for approval
  • Raise a purchase order
  • Place order with the right supplier with the right T+Cs

Simplifying purchase requisition

  • Preferred vendor options or  option to choose from popular items order historically
  • Ability to monitor progress of requisition request

Monitoring purchasing activities

  • Manage multilevel approval workflow
  • Organisation wide view of purchase trends
  • Monitor and control purchase limits through effective reporting and dashboards
  • Retains records for audit purposes with complete details of all transactions

Managing vendor portfolio

  • Benefit from volume purchasing power
  • Leverage more negotiation power
  • Evaluate performance of suppliers by comparing details like time taken for delivery and discounts offered.

Enabling real time budgeting

  • Immediate availability of information on funds tied to purchases
  • Better financial cash management

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Explore our Accounts Payable Solutions and AP Automation Software

DCS can configure software, outsource and automate different ap process levels. You can start with invoice capture software, or jump straight to robotics in creating a quicker, and more transparent approval process.

Kofax Capture gives you the functionality to capture both paper and electoronic invoices. The DCS invoice capture module can capture a range of electronic invoice formats such as XML, EDI, BASDA eBis-XML and other proprietary formats.

Even in cases where invoice data cannot be extracted directly from an electronic format, the DCS invoice capture solution will be able to process the invoice in a similar way to paper invoices, but without the need for scanning.

Whether you receive invoices in paper, fax, JPEG, TIFF, XML or other format, DCS has the invoice capture solution for your current and future invoice processing needs. Even if your accounts payable department cannot process PDFs directly this is no problem as they will simply be treated as paper.

Using world leading Kofax KTM learn-by-example technology, the DCS invoice capture module automatically extracts header data such as:

  • supplier name,
  • date,
  • purchase order number,
  • invoice number and amount,
  • invoice line items.

The invoice scanning software can also recognise and process different languages and currencies.

The extracted invoice data is easy to validate, eliminating the need for time-consuming manual data entry and enabling rapid delivery of high quality data into back office ERP systems such as SAP, Oracle, Sage, Microsoft, JDE or CODA.

Filestore BPM can be your ticket to automated invoice reconciliation and exception handling. Filestore BPM's workflows empower accounts payable departments to meet wide-ranging requirements:

  • Check the status of an invoice at any stage
  • Identify invoice processing bottlenecks quickly
  • Obtain granular reporting, tracking or KPI information via management dashboards
  • Multi-site purchase order creation
  • Multi-site invoice receipt and capture
  • Multi-site approvals

Systems We Integrate With

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Integration - SAP

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Additional Automated Accounts Payable Resources


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Automated Invoice Processing

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