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SharePoint Workflow

Easy integration with FileStore BPM workflow management software

SharePoint Workflow

Complex business processes are difficult to control and audit when relying on high levels of manual input and paper-based workflows. Organisations using SharePoint as their document, records or content management tool can address this by extending its existing workflow capabilities to achieve greater business process automation.

Bring powerful process automation to SharePoint workflow

Easy integration with FileStore BPM workflow management software allows organisations to extend the capabilities of SharePoint’s own workflow functionality to achieve full end-to-end business process management, maximising the SharePoint investment and reducing operating costs.

FileStore BPM from Data Capture Solutions Ltd is built on the same .Net platform, offering a high level of interoperability together with integration into the Microsoft Office system and Visual Studio .Net. Incorporation of a Visio-based process design tool in FileStore BPM further enhances the level of familiarity for Microsoft users.

Automate processes within SharePoint using capture 

What can you do with FileStore BPM?

Integration of FileStore BPM workflow management software with the SharePoint platform, allows managers and process owners to map out collaborative work processes in graphical flow diagram format. This provides users with a highly visual view of their process. Process designers can build their workflows around specific SharePoint metadata and link workflow activities to almost any SharePoint entity.

For document-based workflows, FileStore BPM enables high-volume automated routing and tracking of process documents through stages such as review and approval. Arrival of new documents can trigger automated email notifications, while overdue tasks can trigger alerts and escalation routines.

With FileStore BPM, managers gain a high level of process visibility, giving them the ability to monitor progress, balance workloads and identify potential issues such as bottlenecks.

Seamless integration of FileStore BPM with all major back-office ERP and CRM systems enables automated retrieval of data required to progress workflow activities without manual intervention, as well as direct updating of the same systems with new data.

FileStore provides managers with granular management reporting data from business processes from which they can obtain a range of KPI metrics.

Improve information quality and value with accurate meta data 

Extending your SharePoint investment to capture

Advantages of FileStore over other BPM technology

FileStore BPM brings a range of benefits to SharePoint workflow development:

  • FileStore does not require conversion of workflows into compiled code at runtime, which means workflows remain fully dynamic during deployment – allows a wide range of modifications to workflows even when they are already in progress.
  • Integration at the right layer and avoiding installation of proprietary code or databases on the SharePoint server ensures FileStore BPM complies with the Microsoft Gold-Level Customisation Policy to keep your Microsoft support, maintenance and upgrading problem-free.
  • FileStore BPM comes with a feature-rich set of web parts and over 35 common SharePoint workflow activities, enabling users to get up and running quickly in developing SharePoint workflow solutions.

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