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SharePoint Document Management

Robust, long-term solutions for document management

SharePoint Document Management Solutions

DCS (Data Capture Solutions Ltd) work with public and private sector organisations to develop robust, long-term solutions for their document management and business process automation needs.

Within our technology portfolio, we will typically recommend and implement SharePoint solutions where the emphasis is on heavy generation of Office-based content in a collaborative business environment. In this context, SharePoint provides a sound platform for geographically dispersed teams to share and work collaboratively on project documents. We can also help organisations leverage SharePoint’s communication and social networking functions in business areas such as HR, as well as more recently added records management functionality.

Investing in an integrated solution

DCS solutions begin with the bigger picture, assessing how and which document management technologies can secure the biggest impact on workplace productivity, operational efficiency and cost reduction. SharePoint solutions from DCS are built around tight integration with Kofax document capture technology and FileStore BPM workflow management software.

By combining SharePoint with Kofax Capture, DCS can help organisations extend the reach of their SharePoint investment, enabling management and sharing of a wider range of documents regardless of the format in which they enter the business – paper, fax, email, voicemail, CAD and other electronic formats.

Tight integration with FileStore BPM brings powerful workflow management capabilities to SharePoint, complementing SharePoint’s own basic workflow functions and extending its reach in the area of business process management. The result is a high level of process visibility, providing a clear picture of what is happening in the business, together with a high level of integration with back-end ERP and CRM systems and greater levels of process automation.

Improve information quality and value with accurate meta data 

Using SharePoint as an effective records management tool

DCS can help organisations build robust electronic records management solutions on the SharePoint platform. DCS have considerable expertise in the records management field and are able to develop solutions which comply with frameworks such as the internationally recognised ISO 15489 standard, as well as all common industry-specific frameworks.

Based on the content management capabilities of SharePoint 2010, together with improved capability in the management of records declaration and records retention schedules, DCS can enable organisations to implement file plans in SharePoint and administer compliance policies. SharePoint-based records management solutions integrate well with Office applications, while integration with FileStore BPM allows organisations to automate records life cycle management to reduce administrative costs and effort, while improving compliance.

Control content import into SharePoint 

Extending your SharePoint investment to capture

Automate processes within SharePoint using capture 

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