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storing and locating historic and current emails

Email Archiving Software

DCS email archiving software MailStore provides the perfect solution for organisations facing problems associated with storing and locating historic and current emails.

Email has quickly taken over a major part of businesses communication because it is so quick and simple to use. Organisations are required to retain email communications and may need to locate past communication for a number of reasons including legal compliance.

MailStore provides a searchable store for emails, which meets compliance legislation reducing your business risk and the load on your email server.

It can also automatically archive emails and be configured with corporate policies and filters.

More about MailStore

MailStore automatically captures email messages (and attachments) and files them in a single, centralised email archive system in a fully text searchable format.

Emails are accessed by a .Net based web browser client which gives platform independence and allows access from any location.

Searching is fast and can be performed on one or more search fields and/or the full text searchable contents. Attachments can be made searchable by using OCR technology.

When linked with FileStore EDM emails can then be accessed from the same FileStores.Net web client interface and seamlessly integrated with all of your other business information such as scanned documents, faxes and MS Office files.

Email compliance

Both legal, mandatory industry and internal procedures all require full audit logs to be retained on email communications. MailStore keeps a full audit log of everyone who has received, sent or even viewed specific emails and the audit log cannot be changed.

When teamed with FileStore Active Compliance module emails can be monitored for 'trigger' keywords or phrases, which could pose a compliance risk. This allows compliance officers to be instantly notified of any potential issues and actively address them before damage is done.

5 benefits of email archiving software

  • Compliance: MailStore aids compliance with SOX, FSA, Internal Audits and other legislation
  • Reduce storage costs: Eliminate local PST files, set active mail server policies
  • Pro-actively manage email content: Alert compliance managers to email misuse
  • Reduce legal discovery costs: Quickly produce evidence lists in the event of legal action
  • Manage records: Allow management of information to ISO15489 best practices

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