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MailManager dashboards

Consolidate incoming documents and route to business users

Performance Monitoring MailManager

The fully customisable work queues to which MailManager distributes incoming items will generate powerful metrics from which you can call up reports. You may need to know how many items a particular team processed today, or how performance is looking compared to last month. MailManager can display a huge range of statistics - from live individual work queue performance to seasonal trends in volumes. This is why organisations implementing mailroom automation find this solution of particular benefit.

Dashboards and reports

SLA performance can be viewed against user-defined dashboards and customisable reports. The reports generated have the option of being saved and monitored ongoing using a dashboard tile. Dashboard tiles can be positioned and repositioned at will and when clicked they take you straight to that work queue where you can see specific transactions and associated documents.

Benefits of MailManager

If you are struggling to handle large volumes of electronic documents and manually sort and distribute them for processing, MailManager is the solution for you. Easy integration with other systems such as SAP, Oracle and other business systems means your dashboards can show information from these systems too. Therefore MailManager can be deployed not only as an information router, but as a powerful monitoring hub for business data applications.

Consolidate mail items from different sources and route to business processes. 


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