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Consolidate information coming from multiple channels, process and route to business users.

What is Mail Manager?

Mail Manager is a simple cost-effective tool that allows you to consolidate documents from different sources (emails, mobile, fax, scanned documents or web forms) into one interface and allows faster action on these documents. Imagine Mail Manager as a virtual, structured repository of all your documents that allows you to spot the ones requiring immediate attention or that need any subsequent action.

Mail Manager: Simple and Cost Effective Consolidation and Routing of Your Documents

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What does Mail Manager do?

Mail Manager stores an electronic copy of each document in a structured repository along with description of the document. It identifies document type and classifies them (as invoices, mail items, correspondence letters, order forms or any other pre-set transaction type). Mail Manager also allocates the document to one or multiple people for further action.

If you are struggling to handle large volumes of physical/electronic documents and manually sort and distribute them for processing, Mail Manager is the solution for you. Customers implementing mailroom automation projects find it especially beneficial.

Consolidate mail items from different sources and route to business processes. 

Meet operational efficiency targets and reduce mail room costs.

What are the benefits of using Mail Manager?

Improved and efficient document handling

Mail Manager lets you move away from ad-hoc document handling and gives you a simple interface to manage, route and process documents quickly.

Zero manual handling cost

You can handle large volumes of documents with ZERO manual effort. You can cut out the costs of resources required to check documents coming in from various channels, destroy duplicates and route documents to the appropriate people or systems.

Speed up exception handling

Mail Manager reduces the occurrence of exceptions however if they do occur you can handle them with a click. MailManager allows you to examine all information related to an exception, forward for follow up action, escalate or simply query it. The tool is customisable and allows you to define a response in case an exception arises.

100% visibility of transactions 

With Mail Manager you can view the progress of work queues, process times, exceptions or other KPIs on dashboards which can be customised for different departments or people so everyone can focus on their own KPIs. Managers have great visibility of work queues and can monitor how many items are processed in a day, which team raises maximum exceptions or how long it takes to process certain items.

Quick response times 

Documents requiring urgent action are spotted early and forwarded into relevant work queues to avoid any delays in processing. Mail Manager also lets you define actions you would like to take on a document such as 'approve', 'hold', 'forward', 'query' or 'delete'. It can also share information with your line of business or backend systems to speed up processing.


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