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Robotics Software

24x7 digital labor for automating repetitive manual tasks. 

Bring Efficiency and Speed to your Business Processes

Robotic software is no longer a concept of the future but is being used by organisations to automate existing everyday actions. It is heavily used in collection, transformation and integration of data from external and internal applications. It is the most efficient and accurate way to acquire, enhance and deliver information from any source to any destination. 

Example Use cases of Robotics Software

Data Minning

Data Collection and Integration

Some businesses need to search, collect and transform data from various different applications to be able to complete business processes such as order completion or delivery tracking and invoice payment. Also, it’s quite important to have a full view of all business systems to analyse the overall performance. Robotic software can be trained to collect, transfer or transform data to replicate human actions making it faster, error-free and less expensive to get all business information together.  

Identifying IP violation and Piracy

Software robots can be configured to identify an unwarranted use of licenses saving millions lost in media piracy and IP fraud. Kapow integrates high volume of data across multiple channels to detect illegal use of IP, data or other media. Kapow enables users to review both current and historical transaction information to identify non-conforming activities and eliminate the illegal use of intellectual property.
Copyright theft
Price War

Competitive Research and Pricing

Price is one of the most important differentiation. Organisations apply full time employees just to monitor competition and their pricing. With a digital workforce you can react to the competitive pricing quicker and enable employees to generate high value propositions to win more customers. It enables product development teams to react quickly to customer responses on social media and adjust their strategies. 

Digital labour is being used widely in some industries such as Transportation and Logistics firms where data is collected remotely and from disparate systems, financial firms to continuously monitor markets and alert of specific changes and collate other financial reports, public sector to link up citizen information across various departments. These are just some examples that can help you imagine how your organisation could benefit from Robotic Process Automation. 


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