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Mobile Capture

Power mobile devices to capture documents and drive business processes

Capture from Mobile

Power your mobile devices to capture data from documents

The benefits of document scanning and capture increase significantly as you bring capture closer to the source. By capturing documents as they are created, organisations can significantly reduce overheads, avoid delays and trigger document driven business processes with a simple click.

Capture documents on the move...

Mobile data capture means you can take images of documents from your mobile phone and the image together with the captured data is sent to the capture server. This makes it easier to retrieve the documents from back-office or any other remote location. Mobile data capture can be applied to various business processes such as:

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Customer On-Boarding

Customer service executives can scan and capture customer contracts and other supporting proof at the point of sales using their mobile devices and the data captured can be shared with back-end office applications or team members in remote locations.

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Claims Processing

Capture at source is particularly beneficial for capturing and sharing first notification of loss and filling a claim.  Sharing information with the insurance company can help speed up processing of the claim.

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Point of Sale Capture

Mobile devices are being used in most retail stores to check stock and can be extended to scan and capture customer documents and share with back-end applications or document management systems.

Benefits of Mobile Capture:

  • Enables sharing of documents between different systems and remote team members
  • Quick retrieval of customer information with easy to search functionality
  • Consolidation of data in one digital record file
  • Reduced risk of data non-compliance as all data is securely transferred and all interactions are tracked
  • Reduced cost of document transfer, storage and manual keying
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