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Kofax Web Capture

Extend powerful capture capabilities beyond company firewalls and allow partners, suppliers or customers to capture document images directly to business systems.

Kofax Web Capture

Kofax Web Capture makes it easier for teams to capture documents at source and feed these, via the internet, into business processes. This Kofax solution enables the development of web-based applications for image viewing and scanning.

Kofax Web Capture 10 is an easy-to-use suite of .NET assemblies that can be used in a variety of projects that need to acquire, read, write or process images.

Product Features

  • View PDF, TIFF and other standard image file formats in a web viewer

  • Annotate PDF, TIFF and other standard image file formats in an annotation viewer

  • Scan from the web

  • Connect web scanned documents to other capture platforms

  • Manipulate document pages

  • Process images on document pages

Capture incoming business information from any source with Kofax Capture

New features

New features in Kofax Web Capture include:

A new Java edition of the product, with the following features ported across from the .NET version:

  • Web scanning

  • Image import into Kofax Capture

  • Web viewing of images

  • Image processing

  • TIFF manipulation

Both the .NET and Java editions contain the following new features:

  • JavaScript based web annotation viewer

  • Web scanning now supports Google Chrome

  • Web scanning now supports profile saving/loading

Capture information and initiate business processes from your mobile device. 


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