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Kofax KTM

Replace manual data extraction, sorting and classification of documents with Kofax KTM.

Kofax KTM

Back office operations involving the processing of high volumes of paper documents burden organisations with considerable cost, while limiting their ability to deploy staff more productively in value-added capacities.

Document classification and data extraction software

DCS works with organisations to bring greater levels of automation to document-centric business processes by helping them move from paper to electronic document workflows. Among the key enabling tools in this area are the Kofax Transformation Modules. Kofax Transformation Modules (KTM) work with captured paper and electronic documents to provide automated document classification, separation and data extraction functionality together with powerful, easy-to-use data validation and verification.

Where is the payback with Kofax KTM?

  • Enables more straight-through processing (STP).
  • Document processing requires less human intervention.
  • Data extraction reduces or eliminates data rekeying costs.
  • Faster document processing and increased processing capacity.
  • Improved data accuracy and quality.
  • Faster response to customers and suppliers.

What are typical Kofax KTM applications?

DCS exploits Kofax KTM’s seamless integration with Kofax CaptureFileStore EDM document management and FileStore BPM workflow management software. These combinations provide organisations with the means to significantly improve the efficiency and productivity of document-driven business processes, such as:

Invoice processing – header and line item data extraction with Kofax KTM enables automated invoice reconciliation against purchase orders and delivery of fully validated data to financial back-end ERP systems such as SAP and Oracle Financials.

Digital mailroom – following scanning and capture of incoming mail, Kofax KTM uses intelligent document recognition technology to automatically separate and classify documents by type enabling rapid, automated routing to the correct team or process.

Forms processing – Kofax KTM enables highly accurate data extraction from documents such as application forms, claim forms and reply cards, reducing manual data entry costs, keying errors and accelerating forms processing.

Sales order processing – Kofax KTM helps reduce the order to cash cycle and ensure more correct shipments with accurate order data extraction from scanned or faxed purchase orders and validation against catalogue databases.

Some key benefits of Kofax KTM technology include:

  • Processing of all document types on one platform.
  • ROI typically within 12 months.
  • Enables automated document routing by type.
  • Uses self-learning document recognition requiring no programming skills.
  • Enables remote, thin-client data correction and editing operations.
  • Recognition capability and localisation for over 140 languages.

Case Study: Reduce mail processing costs to half with automated scanning and validation solution from Kofax.

Case Study: DCS helps ARI Fleet UK automate validation and classification of 120,000 invoices annually with Kofax.


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