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Need Help with a Data Capture or Document Scanning Project?

If your department or organisation is struggling with the processing and management of high document volumes, a DCS Kofax consultant can quickly help you evaluate the pro’s and con’s of a range of document scanning and data capture solutions.

Front end document scanning and data capture help organisations extract the actionable business information contained in inbound paper forms and documents, as well as emails, faxes, web forms and other channels.

Extracted information is then delivered to downstream business processes faster and more efficiently than can be achieved with manual sorting and rekeying, typically enabling faster processing of more documents with the same or fewer resources.

Our Kofax reseller experience

DCS have been UK Kofax resellers for many years and since 2009 have enjoyed platinum Kofax reseller status which is shared by only the top EMEA Kofax partners.

Our Kofax consultants help departments and organisations assess the most suitable options for reducing operating costs or improving efficiency by firstly taking an overall view of the document-based processes.

We can then put forward proposals built around the capabilities of Kofax document scanning and data capture software often in combination with solutions for electronic storage and management or opportunities for process automation.

Examples of document scanning and data capture solutions

Following analysis of your document-based  processes and your business requirements, the DCS Kofax consultant will advise on whether an installed or hosted solution will best meet your needs. In some cases the solution can comprise a combination of these, or it may be that an outsourced scanning and data capture solution is the best option. 

Solutions range from document scanning and indexing through to data extraction and full process automation.

Case Study: Top UK security company consults DCS for HR document management.

Typical document scanning and indexing solutions can include:

  • Scanning documents to SharePoint, FileStore or other ECM or EDM system for online access or electronic archiving.
  • Employee records scanning.
  • Medical record scanning.
  • Scanning documents for use in electronic records management systems.
  • Document scanning for disaster recovery purposes.
  • Document scanning for compliance.

Examples of process automation solutions include:

  • Digital mailroom automation (scanning of incoming mail and automated distribution to multiple departments and processes).
  • Automated invoice processing.
  • Automated claims processing.
  • Mortgage application processing.
  • Case management solutions.
  • Shared service centre solutions.

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