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Capture and convert data into actionable information for different business processes.

Kofax Capture Software

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Kofax Capture software provides organisations with an evolving and increasingly intelligent platform for capturing in-coming business information. Whether information originates from paper, email, software applications or devices such as fax machines or MFD’s, Kofax Capture provides the means to make it accessible in a consistent electronic format ready for downstream processing, distribution or archiving.

Turning Paper into Business Information Assets

Kofax Capture Software provides unmatched capability with document scanning equipment to enable high volume batch scanning and indexing of multipage documents and forms. Benefits of  Kofax Capture are:

Saving Costs With Automated Document Data Extraction

With Kofax Capture, you can achieve high-volume data extraction from documents, removing the need for data re-keying and reducing scope for manual error. Kofax Capture is ideal for highly automated extraction of data, such as machine print, bar codes, hand print, or even checked boxes from structured documents such as forms and reply cards.

Enabling Automated Workflows and Processing

In many cases, the arrival of documents in a business initiates respective business processes. Electronically capturing and indexing these documents at the point of receipt with Kofax Capture enables business workflow automation, with scope for automated and auditable document routing, tracking, monitoring and reporting processes.


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Reducing Overheads With Mail-room Capture

Kofax Capture enables the implementation of mail-room strategies involving capture of mail items for the whole organisation in a single, centralised operation.

Improving Processing Speed And Efficiency With Distributed Capture

With Kofax Capture, organisations can also deploy distributed capture strategies. By leveraging the availability of scanning and MFD devices in branch or regional offices, organisations can eliminate the cost and inefficiency of shipping paper documents to central processing operations.


Download the industry report highlighting savings and benefits of web capture.

Case study: Flexibility to access and search two million documents from six sites. 


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