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Kofax Kapow

Simplify complex integrations, get data from different sources without any manual work or expensive coding: Robotic process automation from Kapow

Kapow - Robotic Automation Software from Kofax

Information is scattered across different applications - partner portal, excel files, customer databases, web and social platforms. Kapow provides the ability to collate, process, distribute and analyse information from different applications which has varied benefit for businesses: faster customer onboarding, more responsive business processes and reduced cost of operations are some of the common benefits.

Kapow: Robotic Automation Software

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Application of Robotic Process Automation

Kapow can be applied to three main areas:

  • Integration of data available over the web for competitive data analysis, financial research,  fraud detection or brand and social media monitoring.
  • For driving information into different business systems such as resource management, logistics or partner/customer systems.
  • For migration of content between legacy applications.

Key Benefits of Robotic Process Automation

Kapow has an intuitive interface that allows non-technical users to configure information flows and other benefits include:

  • Reduction in manual data processing steps freeing up staff time to invest in high value generating activities.
  • Quick and responsive customer service based on fast collection and analysis of data. 
  • Makes data driven decision making easier by enabling users to visualise management information as graphs ad tables.
  • Incorporation of healthy compliance practices and regular review of external/ partner portal.

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