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Kofax Connectors - SAP

Capture technology is vital for moving processes from paper to digital

Kofax Connectors - SAP

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Using Kofax Capture, organisations can expand the value of SAP. Kofax automates processes in SAP by managing the capture, extraction and storage of business-critical information from paper, fax and electronic sources.

Fill the Gaps

Complete your capture to process or capture to archive systems with SAP certified solutions from Kofax.

Extract and Classify Data

Use Kofax Capture solutions to extract information from various document types and deliver it to your SAP systems.

Capture Documents and Data

Capture content in any paper or electronic document, on any device, and deliver it to your SAP systems with ease.

Accounts Payable Automation

Automate financial processes using Kofax solutions to ensure that all transactions are processed in the most cost effective and timely way possible.

To find out more about Kofax products and applications,or integrating Kofax with SAP systems, get in touch using our Contact Form or speak to a DCS representative on 01753 616720.

Case study: Flexibility to access and search two million documents from six sites. 


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