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Kofax Capture Network Server

Single solution to capture all types of paper and electronic documents

Kofax Capture Network Server

In today’s competitive business environment, many organisations leverage the advantages of both geographically distributed operations and centralised control and processing. DCS can help mirror this strategy in document-driven workflows with networked Kofax Capture solutions.

Fitting capture technology around the way your business operates

With the Kofax Capture Network Server module, DCS can enable organisations to build Kofax document capture technology around their business processes, no matter where they are located. Instead of incurring the costs of shipping paper documents from one location to another, branch locations and satellite offices can scan them locally and transfer them for processing via corporate networks or the internet.

This frees organisations to organise working arrangements in whichever way suits them and gain maximum benefit from their document capture investment.

Business process flexibility

Kofax Capture Network Server (KCNS) is part of the Kofax Capture software for electronically capturing paper documents and extracting transactional data. With KCNS, organisations can capture documents in one place and transfer them easily to any other networked Kofax Capture station. Document scanning, indexing, data extraction, data validation or forms processing can all be carried out in separate locations, enabling offshoring of processes and better use of human capital.

The seamless data transfer capabilities possible with KCNS also enable delivery of documents and data to any business database, storage archive, CMS or line of business application via internet, LAN or WAN networks. With document capture at the point of receipt, sales orders, invoices, application forms, goods received notes, medical records, research reports and many other documents enter workflows faster, enabling teams to access information more quickly and improve response to customers, suppliers, partners and other stakeholders.

Some key elements of Kofax Capture Network Server technology

Central control – administration of all remote capture stations can be centrally controlled, including configurations, profiles or licence distribution, reducing the need for travel and on-site support.
Load balancing and availability – allows use of multiple servers to counter unexpected peaks in network traffic.
Open architecture – non-proprietary architecture allows easy integration with third party applications and modules.
Standard protocols – uses HTTP and HTTPS protocols and allows the use of standard network management tools.
Reporting – improves accountability over paper systems, enabling full audit trails and tracking of chain of document custody.

Rapid return on investment

  • Reduces document shipping costs and allows better use of human capital.
  • Leverages existing scanning hardware and internet connections.
  • Centralised system administration.
  • Enables multiple remote licensing from a single Kofax Capture implementation.

Streamline transformation of paper documents into structured electronic information.

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