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Kofax Capture 10

A single solution for all your capture needs - capture and convert data from multiple channels to actionable information.

New in Kofax Capture 10

New in Kofax Capture 10 | Features | Connectors | Custom Modules

Kofax Capture 10 boasts many new features, building on the already successful and highly functional Kofax Capture product. These new features include the following:

A New User Interface

With a newly designed user interface, Kofax Capture 10 has the same look, feel and navigation as a Microsoft Office application – making it similar in use as many products you are already familiar with.

Browser Based Indexing and Validation

To minimise the total cost of ownership, Kofax Capture 10 allows you to securely administer your remote data validation stations, and pages can be indexed via the web by employees or contractors operating remotely.

Case study: Flexibility to access and search two million documents from six sites. 

Download the industry report highlighting savings and benefits of web capture.

Browser Based Deployment

Through a web browser, you can now deploy various Kofax Capture modules and components quickly and easily.

Advanced Forms Classification and Extraction

Using a graphical layout based format, you can now save time pre-sorting form and extracting data – making this now much easier and accurate, and reducing manual labour.

Multiple Languages on a Single System

Language packs can be deployed to the server, meaning that the relevant languages are deployed to users based on their local system settings.

Batch Filtering

Search and filter batches of documents in Kofax Capture 10 quickly and easily, providing more advanced control and visibility.

Enhanced Batch Workflow

This functionality allows you to split batches based on classification results – enabling the routing of specific documents to specialised processes or operations.

Language Packs

Languages are now separate from the core application, with language packs available to install.


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