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Filestore Records Management

Electronic records management presents some major advantages

Records Management with Filestore EDM

The degree to which an organisation can manage its records efficiently will impact on competitive ability and operational costs, as well as promoting successful audit outcomes. Here, moving from paper to electronic records management presents some major advantages.

With Filestore EDM, organisations gain the means to manage all their business records with substantially less administrative effort, while improving records security, traceability and accessibility. Organisations can effectively use Filestore as the basis for an electronic records management strategy.

Implementing and maintaining ISO 15489 best practice frameworks

Filestore EDM helps records managers and their teams implement records management frameworks such as the ISO 15489 best practice standard. With Filestore, file plans, records declaration, retention and disposition are easy to implement and manage, with scope for significant automation and reduced manual input.

Tight integration between Filestore EDM and Kofax Capture technology enables a highly streamlined records declaration process. With Kofax, new record documents entering the organisation via post (paper), fax or email can all be captured and indexed on the same platform, allowing rapid and uniform entry into the records system.

Developing a records management policy for ISO 15489

Records classification – structure and metadata

Filestore EDM provides a sophisticated folder structure within which to manage business records. Rules relating to access restrictions or retention periods can be applied to folders, so that all contained records inherit those rules. At both folder and document level, organisations can also apply indexing criteria or metadata specific to the types of record they need to manage – something not possible with paper records.

Once an organisation’s file plan, declaration and retention requirements have been translated into FileStore, much of the records management process then becomes systematic. Prior to this, DCS can help businesses fully assess their records management needs and then build these into a tailored FileStore records management solution.

Benefits of Filestore EDM records management include:

  • Staff can respond quickly to audit requests because Filestore enables rapid and easy retrieval of record documents.
  • Storing records electronically in Filestore is secure and auditable and helps eliminate the risks of paper records misfiling, damage or loss.
  • Electronic records management permits greater levels of automation, which in turn, can significantly reduce administrative effort. 

"FileStore has revolutionised the way we capture and manage documents"


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