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Filestore Online

A hosted EDM solution approved for large-scale use

Hosted Filestore EDM

Online Document Management

Seventy per cent of Filestore EDM document management customers use the software on a hosted, SaaS basis. These organisations gain all the functionality and performance of an installed system, while greater flexibility enables them to meet specific business and operational requirements.

DCS are one of the only companies who can offer a hosted EDM solution approved for large-scale use by central government clients. Key drivers for such implementations have been the levels of security offered by DCS and the guarantee of proven UK data storage locations of “safe harbour”.

Low-cost implementation

With hosted, online document management, organisations access the full benefits of our award-winning Filestore EDM technology without the need for significant upfront capital outlay. Instead, charging is on a flexible usage basis such as per-user per-month, per-document or per-transaction.

This means organisations only pay for what they use, enabling them to scale usage up or down flexibly in line with peaks and troughs in their document-based processes. Organisations can also scale Filestore EDM easily from single-department up to enterprise-wide usage and, at any time, have the option of moving from the hosted option to an installed system.

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Rapid deployment with access from anywhere

With the online document management option, organisations can be up and running very quickly. There is no requirement for installation on in-house servers and organisations effectively outsource the running and maintenance to DCS. Departments in different locations can then upload documents to secure, centralised and highly classified online storage and retrieve them at the click of a button for use in their everyday processes.

With our comprehensive fail-over provision, organisations are able to reduce risk through secure cloud storage of thousands of unique business records. And with authorised access possible from any web-enabled terminal, teams can share documents easily with colleagues in other locations and collaborate more effectively with external partners and agents.

Some key benefits of hosted document management

  • Works just like an installed system
  • Rapid deployment
  • Requires no major upfront capital outlay
  • Flexible, low-cost charging models
  • Usage can be scaled up or down easily
  • No local on-site installation required

"FileStore Online makes documents globally accessible". Try our online EDM solution.

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