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FileStore EDM

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Electronic records and document management

FileStore EDM, our award winning flagship document management system, enables businesses both large and small to manage document based information securely and more efficiently. It acts as structured library of all your digital documents making it easy for you to search, edit or process any information.

Web-based, user-friendly interface

FileStore EDM is an intuitive and web browser based application. It combines ease-of-use with document accessibility, sharing and remote collaboration. FileStore organises documents with high degrees of automation in a secure, easy-to-access database system. Powerful index-field and full-text search tools enable you to locate documents quickly using index criteria, keywords and phrases.


Hosted or installed document management system

Business have a range of options open to them in how they implement the FileStore document management system. DCS can install systems on-site or can offer hosted, Software as a Service option. There is no difference in functionality or performance, but the hosted option gives businesses the benefit of flexible, low-cost per-user, per-month charge. User licensing options range from entry-level up  thousands users.

Easy integration with a wide range of applications

FileStore EDM integrates seamlessly with a wide range of applications and systems, enabling effortless integration of electronic documents into business workflows. As a part of FileStore EDM also has tight integration with MS Office and SharePoint, and with off-the-shelf connectors for SAP, Oracle, SalesForce, PeopleSoft, Sage and wide range of other line-of-business applications.

"FileStore Online makes documents globally accessible". Try our online EDM solution.


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