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FileStore Capture

Extend capture capabilities to any computer through web based capture software

Web based document capture software

FileStore capture is a web based capture software that enables geographically dispersed teams to capture all types of paper forms and documents, electronic documents, emails, attachments and convert them to actionable information. It delivers a consistent level of capture, indexing and validation service irrespective of the source and type of documents.

No Installation Required

FileStore capture can be installed through a web browser and does not require on premise installation, maintenance and IT support. Since FileStore capture does not need to be installed on a dedicated machine, you can take capture closer to the point of origin of documents. Remote workers, suppliers or even your customers can scan and capture documents locally using FileStore capture and upload them to a centrally managed workflow. This eliminates delays because of document shipping and reduce cost of document processing.

Browser based capture, indexing and validation

FileStore capture allows validation and indexing of documents through a remote validation station and still achieve the same accuracy of data as in an installed system. 

Capture information from any source and deliver to any front end 

 FileStore can capture information from any source - scanner, multi-functional device, email, electronic documents, attachments, fax or web forms, capture information from them and deliver to any business application such as Oracle, SAP, SharePoint or any other legacy system.

Download the industry report highlighting savings and benefits of web capture.

"FileStore has revolutionised the way we capture and manage documents"

Benefits of FileStore Capture web based scanning software

  • Reduced document shipping costs.
  • Faster document processing, improving response to customers.
  • Leverages existing scanner hardware.
  • Rapid deployment with no expensive licensing.
  • Enables flexible working.
  • Granular usage reporting for charge backs.

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