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FileStore BPM helps you review your current business processes

Business Process Management Software

Our award winning business process management and workflow software FileStore BPM helps you to automate your business processes saving time, cutting transaction costs and ensuring corporate procedures are always followed.

FileStore BPM integrates very closely with FileStore EDM, MS SharePoint and Kofax Capture to extend their workflow functionality. Integration ‘out of the box’ is also available for SAP, MS Exchange, SQL Server, MS CRM, MS Office, MS InfoPath and MS BizTalk to allow business process automation to span many different systems and transactions.

In addition FileStore BPM helps you review your current business processes identifying ways they can be improved including removing or reducing bottlenecks.

FileStore BPM can also be used to create and test new processes and workflows thus providing a complete solution for all your business process management needs.

5 benefits of business process management

  • improve business process efficiency
  • ensure optimum resource utilisations and improve productivity
  • ensure process standardisation
  • improve business process control

FileStore BPM consists of four main parts or modules, which can be brought as a package or individually for progressive BPM integration.

Integration with other systems

FileStore BPM has a full set of pre-built MS SharePoint integration components to allow quick and easy implementation of workflow processes with FileStore EDM or SharePoint ecm systems.

UK's largest property management company reduces document processing cost by 50%.

BPM Process Designer
This is a graphical design based tool that allows you to create a graphical representation of the business process.

It extends graphical process design into a full lifecycle BPM productivity tool for the modeling, simulation, deployment, analysis and improvement of process models in an environment with, which most business users are already familiar.

BPM Developer
This is a Visual Studio .NET based solution that offers a powerful and open development environment that enables you to create reuseable executable functions, integrate with legacy systems, customise etc.
BPM Server
This is an XML powered highly adaptable process engine. You can develop new or changed process models built with the BPM Envision process designer directly to BPM server, which can automate the process on-the-fly.
BPM Enterprise Manager
Web-based runtime interface and digital dashboard for management and collaboration.

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