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Document Security

A secure repository with tight control

Security in FileStore EDM

Implementing electronic document management strategies gives organisations greater control over their document-based information.

With FileStore EDM document management software, organisations can store electronic and scanned documents in a secure repository with tight control over user access. This helps eliminate costs associated with document loss, while requiring minimal administrative effort to achieve compliance with Data Protection and other regulatory standards.

As a secure storage medium, FileStore has been penetration tested and approved by a number of UK security agencies, financial institutions and other organisations. It has a proven history of providing high levels of information security whether you use it on-premise or as a hosted SaaS solution.

Saving time with inherited security

FileStore helps managers and system administrators save time by enabling inheritance of security permissions. This means that any security settings applied at folder level will be automatically inherited by all sub-folders and contained documents.

The result is a flexible and highly configurable system for securely storing and managing business documents and all types of electronic files. Here is a summary of key security features in FileStore:

  • Security can be applied to groups, individuals, folders and documents.
  • All folder and document access is auditable.
  • Individual user permissions override group settings.
  • Folder security settings are inherited by contained documents and sub-folders.
  • Protected documents will not appear in search results.
  • File and disk volume encryption can be configured.

Flexibility to meet wide-ranging organisational needs

With FileStore EDM, organisations can control user access via Active Directory single sign-on, or by keeping a separate set of rights located within FileStore. This can be useful in certain HR applications where it is desirable to divorce controlled access from IT departments.

Access to folders and individual documents can be restricted on a group or individual basis. Individual user rights always override group settings, allowing organisations to apply settings globally and then provide controlled access as required.

In addition to applying restrictions to groups and individuals, FileStore allows authorised personnel to apply security settings to folders and documents. This gives organisations a great deal of flexibility in controlling the viewing and handling of financial, research, employee, patient, customer and other information.

With FileStore, organisations can control document usage at a granular level. Creating, viewing, modifying, annotating, emailing and other actions are all separately controllable in terms of user permissions.

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