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Document Markup

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Annotation and Redaction in FileStore EDM

In document-based workflows, the ability to quickly annotate and redact high volumes of documents can boost productivity, enhance workflow communication and improve compliance.

Document viewing capability in FileStore EDM enables users to view 300 different file formats on-screen without the need to install native software applications. Within the FileStore document viewing window, users can then annotate and redact MS Office documents, PDF files, scanned images and documents generated in a wide range of programs including CAD and vector graphics packages.

Document markup in FileStore

Managers can use permissions in FileStore EDM to control who can view or annotate a document. This aids compliance, and since all markup is carried out on a separate document layer, original documents always remain intact.

Authorised users can mark up documents by superimposing items such as text, shapes, arrows and lines and can also use tools to perform text highlighting. With the sticky notes feature, users can add more extensive comments and notes using familiar techniques. Sticky note icons occupy a small amount of space on the document page until double-clicking reveals the text content. The contents of notes can also be viewed separately in the left-hand panel of the document viewing screen.

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Adding stamps and signatures to electronic and scanned documents

As part of the FileStore document markup capability, departments can apply stamps to clearly indicate document status during workflow processes. Stamps such as “Approved”, “Paid”, “Accepted” can be applied to any document, including invoices, quality control documents, goods received notes or application forms. In FileStore EDM, departments can easily create their own official stamps, as well as digital signatures, and managers can apply permissions to restrict the use of stamps and signatures to authorised personnel, while all usage of stamps and signatures can be audited.

Document redaction

Documents containing sensitive information sometimes have to be made available during a business process. With FileStore EDM, the ability to redact documents simply and easily allows departments to make documents viewable with sensitive information obscured.

As shown in the screenshot, the word “Capture” in the top left corner of the invoice document has been redacted or blacked-out using the redaction tool. Redacted documents can then be viewed with obscured areas in place. By redacting documents containing private personal details, organisations can expedite their own internal business processes, while ensuring against infringement of Data Protection legislation.


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