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DCS have worked with clients spanning both public and private sectors

Consultancy Services from Data Capture Solutions

Organisations looking to move from paper to digital document-based working stand to gain from significant productivity, efficiency and cost saving benefits. To help unlock these benefits, UK based Data Capture Solutions Ltd (DCS) offer a range of first-class consultancy services.

The first step to effective long-term document management solutions

Established in 1996, DCS have worked with clients spanning both public and private sectors, including central and local government departments and some of the world’s largest companies. The consultants working at DCS have many years’ industry experience in the areas of document management, document scanning and business process automation.

On a regular basis, our consultants oversee the implementation of solutions in areas such as mailroom automation, HR records management, automated invoice processing, insurance claim handling and case management, as well as compliance and corporate governance solutions.

Installed, hosted and outsourced solutions

Careful planning at the outset is the key to successful long-term solutions and maximum return on investment. By listening carefully to your requirements, DCS consultants will be able to quickly establish whether an installed, hosted or outsourced solution best meets the needs of your organisation.

Installed solutions – document management and process automation solutions installed on-site following the traditional capex charging model with comprehensive training, support and maintenance.

Hosted solutions – hosted access to our award-winning FileStore document management and process automation software with rapid deployment and a flexible pay-on-demand charging structure.

Outsourced solutions – fully managed outsourced services with granular pay-per-click charging, allowing you to cost-effectively outsource operations such as mailroom, form processing, document scanning, automated invoice processing and a range of data capture and data entry services.

DCS solutions are flexible, allowing you to implement combinations of the above, as well as switch from one charging model to another. Our consultants have the experience to help ensure smooth implementation whether in single departments or at multi-site enterprise-level, in all cases making sure future scalability is built in.

Case Study: Top UK security company consults DCS for HR document management.

Proven approach and methodology

DCS consultancy services are based on proven best practice approaches to developing business technology solutions. Our methodology includes the following key stages:

  • Developing a thorough understanding of your business and where our solutions fit in, including system integration requirements, your business processes and how they currently operate.
  • Developing a solution design and presenting this as a proof of concept together with options and costings.
  • Testing all components of the solution in close cooperation with your in-house teams.
  • System implementation and data migration.
  • A range of after-sales support options including post-implementation reviews, training and technical assistance.

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