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Your first step to an effective long-term document management strategy

Don't know where to start with document processes?

Organisations looking to move from paper to digital document-based working stand to gain from significant productivity, efficiency and cost saving benefits. However, getting desired ROI from your investment in document management is no child's play. DCS offer consultancy for document management and process automation and  helps you unlock the benefits of migrating from paper to digital processes.

Case Study: Top UK security company consults DCS for HR document management.

Proven approach and methodology 

DCS consultancy services are based on proven best practice approaches to developing business technology solution for companies like ExxonMobil, Amplifon, AIG, Securitas, Paragon and over 50 central and local government bodies. Our consultants are experienced and certified in information management and can help you:

Build a business case

If you're still looking to convince higher management and decision makers of the benefits of electronic document management our consultants can help you create a business case. Our consultants can work  with you to provide estimates of cost savings and other benefits such as cycle time reductions which can be presented to get management buy-ins. 

Priortise requirements

Careful planning at the outset is the key to successful long-term solutions and maximum return on investment. Our consultants emphasize on getting the requirements right and will liaise with your team members to understand and analyse your existing document processes and paint points. As a part of the requirements gathering exercise, consultants also establish what the key drivers of the project are - cost savings, clearing office space, meeting operational efficiency goals or compliance regulations. 

Plan for implementation

Following the requirements gathering phase, an implementation plan is drawn out in consultation with DCS technical consultants. DCS consultants suggest a combination of hardware(scanners, multi-functional device), capture software and implementation method(hosted or installed) that best suits your business needs and is most cost-effective. In case of large enterprise-wide projects, we can also create a prototype of the actual system for you to test before the full scale solution is implemented.

Implementation and support

Our consultants would agree the implementation plan with you before implementation and offer a range of after-sales support options including post-implementation reviews, training and technical assistance.

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