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Enterprise Content Management - SharePoint, FileStore or both?

What are the main differences between SharePoint and FileStore EDM?

While both SharePoint and FileStore provide excellent enterprise content management solutions there are differences. The right document management software for you could be FileStore EDM, SharePoint or perhaps both products integrated and working together depending on your organisations requirements.

SharePoint, FileStore or both?

Where your business requirements are more aligned to a record management function which requires strong compliance and traceability functions then FileStore EDM may be the right document management software for your organisation.

If you require more collaborative functionality and rich feature set integration with MS Office for document production then SharePoint may be the right document management choice.

To gain the best out of both systems you can have FileStore implemented as a set of integrated add-on modules to SharePoint, which strengthens SharePoint's functionality in compliance, records management and workflow.

Extending your SharePoint investment to capture

Control content import into SharePoint 

FileStore EDM provides superb document management value with lower professional services requirements and better compliance and audit trail functions. FileStore EDM also provides better records management and static archives.

SharePoint is better for collaboration and obviously integrates easily with MS Office. It is also better for dynamic collaborative working on electronic files.

If costs are a factor then you will need to take into account that although both products have similar licence costs SharePoint systems typically take longer with higher professional service costs to implement.

Automate processes within SharePoint using capture 

Improve information quality and value with accurate meta data 

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