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Business Process Consultancy

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Business Process Automation Consultancy

Despite technological advances, many organisations still operate labour-intensive, paper-based business processes with inherent delays and inefficiencies. Even if your own organisation promotes electronic working practices, there may be little control over the format of incoming business documents such as invoices, complaint correspondence or goods received notes, which still predominantly arrive in paper format.

Benefits of business process reengineering

With DCS process consulting services, we can help your organisation review its business processes and assess how they can be “reengineered” to achieve greater streamlining and cost efficiency.

Wherever your organisation receives high volumes of transactional documents in paper format, our process consultants can benchmark the associated processes and help identify areas where process automation can deliver significant business benefits. Process automation can:

  • Cut manual intervention and automate repetitive tasks.
  • Reduce or eliminate the risk and cost of human error or inconsistent handling.
  • Enable touchless document sorting and routing according to pre-defined business rules.
  • Increase straight-through processing and enable faster exception handling.
  • Significantly improve the auditing and visibility of document-based processes.

Process automation solutions

The results of a DCS business process reengineering exercise will typically involve the realignment of document-based workflows to leverage the automation capabilities of electronic document management technology. Examples of typical business processes include:

  • Sales order processing.
  • Invoice processing.
  • Loan, credit, mortgage and other types of application form processing.
  • Complaint handling.
  • Expenses submissions.

Common to all these processes is the need to route high document volumes accurately through various review and approval stages. With process automation, even complex processing requirements can be effected much faster, as handling criteria are pre-loaded, and any required input data can be retrieved instantly from look-up tables, ERP and CRM systems.

Process automation case study

As an example, DCS process consultants have developed an automated invoice handling solution for Savills Property Management Services involving complex matching and approvals processes.

With processing volumes in the region of 100,000 invoices per annum, the DCS solution enabled digitisation of invoices on receipt and automated routing to geographically distributed approvers depending on criteria such as invoice type, line item coding and invoice value, as well as the order and number of approvals required in each case. Implementing this system in place of the previous paper-based manual process delivered dramatically improved processing speed and accuracy, resulting in a return on investment after just 7 months.

UK's largest property management company reduces document processing cost by 50%.

Case Study: Top UK security company consults DCS for HR document management.


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