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BPM Workflow Server

Deploy highly automated business process workflows

The Workflow Server in FileStore BPM

Enabling the execution of business process workflows

The BPM workflow server is an XML-based process engine. By integrating with the FileStore BPM Visio design tool, it allows organisations to deploy highly automated business process workflows which require little or no hard coding.

Once managers and other business process administrators have designed their workflows, they simply publish them to the BPM workflow server as XML projects ready for execution. Based on trigger events, the BPM server then performs and tracks workflow tasks over computer networks with the ability to interact with MS SQL server and a wide range of other line of business applications.

Easy integration

With BPM workflow server, organisations gain a workflow deployment tool which offers a high level of integration with their legacy business systems and applications. BPM workflow server is built on the Microsoft .Net platform, making it open and easy to connect to and from other systems. The result is a robust workflow management solution which connects people, systems, processes and information across departmental and organisational boundaries.

Real-time event logging

A major benefit of the workflow server is its ability to provide detailed, event-based logging in real time. Using a web browser-based console, managers, administrators and users gain access to a range of dashboard features, allowing them to accurately track workflow progress and status. In turn, this delivers greater process visibility, enabling faster decisions and early identification of potential bottlenecks and other issues.

What happens if I need to modify a workflow after execution?

Another key benefit for organisations resides in the dynamic process adaptation capabilities within BPM server. This means the server supports in-flight changes to workflow processes which have already been executed, which in turn immunises the these processes from the time and cost of reprogramming and relaunch. At the same time, full revision control prevents new process changes from affecting existing transactions.

Availability and scalability with server clustering

BPM workflow server can be easily scaled to accommodate the demands of enterprise environments and has the ability to handle millions of records with high levels of flexibility. With its clustering and NLB load-balancing capabilities, BPM workflow server provides organisations with reliable high availability, thereby protecting their investment in workflow automation as an efficiency driver.

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