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Audit Trail Log

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Audit Trail Logging in FileStore EDM

The audit trail log is a core component of FileStore EDM document management technology, allowing organisations to trace all actions performed on folders and documents at a granular level. The audit trail log also plays a key part in ensuring the legal validity of electronic documents, thus enabling organisations to move confidently from paper-based to electronic document workflows.

Audit trail logging

In FileStore EDM, all actions performed by users are automatically recorded in an audit trail log. At any time, authorised users can view the audit trail log of all or selected activity at cabinet (application), folder or document level.

The audit tool provides details of all aspects of activity occurring within FileStore from user login, folder and file creation, modification, moving, copying or deletion to details of the modifications performed. If a user has annotated a document, used a stamp or signature or conducted a full-text search, this will be logged and detailed by the audit tool. As with many other aspects of FileStore usage, managers can enable or prevent users from viewing audit trails by granting or revoking user permissions.

Unique features

Unique to the audit trail logging capability in FileStore is the recording of metadata values both before and after changes. This feature can be highly useful in monitoring activity, for example in areas such as HR management.

Audit trail reporting

To enhance the value of information contained in an audit log, FileStore EDM enables authorised users to export results in spreadsheet format. This yields granular management reporting data for use in reviewing staff or process activity, as well as enabling compliance officers to keep track of business performance against compliance criteria.

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Legal admissibility of scanned documents and electronic records

In the event of litigation and legal proceedings, organisations may need to rely on the production of relevant documentary evidence in electronic format. In a court of law, electronic documents have full legal validity, providing their integrity can be demonstrated. This can involve proving that a document has never been modified, or alternatively, organisations can provide details of all actions performed on a document during its lifecycle.

Used in conjunction with organisational best practice procedures, the audit trail logging facility in FileStore EDM helps maintain document integrity and ensure the legal admissibility of scanned documents and electronic records to the BS BIP 0008 standard.


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