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A family of business software saving you time and money

DCS Information Management Software Solutions

Today's businesses face many challenges not least of these how to effectively and efficiently manage their paper and electronic information and its associated business processes.

To solve these issues DCS have create a family of business software solutions that work independently or together to improve business effectiveness and efficiency thus saving you time and money.

By improving the management of information and business processes our clients have been able to make significant cost savings while also strengthening their businesses and improving their overall performance.

By improving the management of information and business processes our clients have been able to make significant cost savings

Business Process Management

Our award winning business process management and workflow software FileStore BPM helps you to effectively automate your business processes saving time and ensuring the correct procedures are always followed.

In addition FileStore BPM helps you review your current business processes identifying ways they can be improved including removing or reducing bottlenecks.

FileStore BPM can also be used to create and test new processes and workflows thus providing a complete solution for all your business process management needs.

FileStore BPM integrates easily with other systems and has a low cost of deployment.

Document Scanning and Data Capture

DCS document scanning and data capture solutions uses Kofax Capture software, which allows a wide variety of file types and sizes to be scanned. Kofax can also handle high volumes of document scanning and automatically capture important information.

Kofax provides a high quality scanned images and works with all scanners and MFDs. It is also able to cope easily with high volumes of distributed scanning making it a perfect scanning software solution.

In addition Kofax can be configured for specific capture workflows and allows automated indexing with OCR.

"FileStore Online makes documents globally accessible". Try our online EDM solution.

Document Management

DCS award winning document management software FileStore EDM provides an expandable, flexible and easy to use solution for all your business document management needs.

FileStore EDM gives you better control over your documents providing secure accessible storage allowing documents to be easily accessed from multiple locations.

FileStore EDM reduces staff overheads, IT costs and document lifecycle costs while also reducing business risk saving you money and protecting your business information.

Web Document Management

DCS web document management software FileStore Online provides all the benefits of FileStore EDM combined into a cloud computing SaaS model where the software is hosted online at a low 'pay as you go' cost.

FileStore Online not only assists you in the effective management of your business documentation, but due to its web based structure has no capital costs and requires no additional hardware thus saving you money and allowing better and more controlled use of your IT budgets.

Added to this FileStore Online is a very robust and secure system plus it is a fully expandable service allowing you start small and increase your use as and when required.

Email Archiving

DCS email archiving software MailStore provides the perfect solution for organisations facing problems associated with storing and locating historic and current emails.

Email has quickly taken over a major part of businesses communication because it is so quick and simple to use. Organisations are required to retain email communications and may need to locate past communication for a number of reasons including legal compliance.

MailStore provides a searchable store for emails, which meets compliance legislation reducing your business risk and the load on your email server.

It can also automatically archive emails and be configured with corporate policies and filters.

Enterprise Content Management

DCS enterprise content management software solution FileStore ECM allows organisation to quickly convert corporate information into structured consistent web pages.

The web is a fast and effective way for organisations to share information be it through a public website, closed extranet or internal intranet. Being able to quickly convert information for the web is a definite advantage that saves you valuable time and money.

FileStore ECM allows your organisation to self publish to the web transforming multiple content types into consistent web pages with a set corporate style.

Information can be published automatically and content approvals tracked and controlled providing a fast and easy to use solution with appropriate security and governance controls.


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