Outsource invoice processing to reduce costs

Manually processing high volumes of paper invoices is a costly and inefficient process. As an alternative to investing in invoice automation software and hardware, accounts payable departments can benefit from a fully outsourced invoice processing service from DCS. This enables a more cost-effective handling of the process and allows you to focus resources on achieving best-in-class AP productivity.

What is outsourced invoice processing?

Outsourced invoice processing means you can convert fixed overhead to a pay-on-demand “per invoice” charge. The variable charging model will more accurately reflect the peaks and troughs in your invoice volumes with just a small charge per transaction.

UK based DCS Ltd process high invoice volumes at our dedicated, ISO 27001 accredited service centre. We use a high level of automation to process invoices and deliver clean data to client ERP systems. The service includes the following elements:

  • We will firstly set up a PO Box address for centralised receipt of paper invoices.
  • Invoice scanning and capture converts paper invoices to an electronic format and extracts header and line item information.
  • Data extracted from paper invoices are validated and any exceptions are sent for query.
  • Invoices received in electronic format are automatically processed.
  • Automated matching of invoice data against purchase order records allows straight through processing of most invoices and routing for approval and/or payment.
  • Unmatched invoices enter exception handling workflows with routing for manual coding and approval.
  • Approved invoice values are delivered to ERP systems
  • Invoice images are archived electronically with full document retention compliance.

DCS client Savills uses the outsourced purchase to pay service to process 250,000 invoices per year. The solution has involved developing bespoke back end system integration and achieved ROI in less than 7 months.

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