Cheque scanning and processing

Process cheque payments faster 

Fast and efficient cheque scanning and processing solution

If you receive a lot of cheque payments and struggle to get them cleared because of too many administrative steps, DCS can help. Our cheque scanning solutions can work with almost any multifunctional device, saving you the cost of a specialist cheque scanner. In addition, you can still scan and capture any accompanying documents that might be required to process a payment.

How does DCS cheque scanning solution work?

All incoming cheques are collected and scanned on arrival. 

Industry leading data capture and extraction software - Kofax, allows information capture from the scanned images of cheques as soon as they are created. Kofax also captures any information from accompanying documents that might be required to process payments. 

Next, the cheque processing software indexes batches of data based on the information captured from the cheques. Any data on the cheque or on the accompanying documents such as payee details, payment amount, cheque number in magnetic ink is captured and used to index batches.

The scanned cheque and related information is routed to the accounts team or a financial system for further processing. The captured information can also be used to create a banking report , enabling you to bank cheques faster. 

Any exceptions, such as missing or misread information, are raised automatically and cheques are resent for scanning and approval.

DCS cheque scanning solutions can significantly reduce the cost of processing cheque payments without compromising on security and confidentiality of financial data. Other benefits of the solution are:
  • Significant reduction in time elapsed between the receipt of cheque and cleared funds. 
  • Increase accuracy of financial data by reducing manual errors.
  • Increase efficiency of accounting department and better cash flow management. 
  • DCS solutions are web based, hence high resolution images of cheques and payment information can be accessed from anywhere with a secure login. This is particularly beneficial if you have a distributed or outsourced accounts team.
  • Reduce administrative effort and hence cost of processing payments.

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