Managed Hosting and File Storage

Two Options, Many Possibilities

Experience automation no matter which step you are in your digital journey. Use our EDM/BPM flagship product, Filestore, or have Kofax software installed on-site by our experts. 

Your organisation can leverage browser-based automation software with minimal disruption to your IT infrastructure. Both have their benefits, but it's still up to you on which of these benefits you can own.


Benefits of Our SaaS and In-House Solutions

Added Visibility for SaaS
  • Authorised access for teams.
  • Multi-site deployment.
  • Rapid Setup.
Optimum Stability for On-Premise
  • Saves costs by not ripping out extensive infrastructure.
  • Legacy system compatible.
  • End-to-end implementation options in business processes.


Professional Support
  • Access on-demand data management.
  • Bespoke service and solution designs.
  • Deep project experience in industry-specific ERP integrations.


Gain the Cloud Advantage

With our SaaS document management option, there is no software to install or maintain, which means you gain all the benefits without adding to your on-site IT infrastructure. Users at different locations gain access on a simple per month or per click charging basis, giving you the benefit of scaling usage up or down according to need.

Maintain your Character On-Premise

We provide comprehensive support with on-site installed document management systems based on the capex charging model. Our solutions can be scaled easily from single department to enterprise level, and our consultants offer extensive expertise in helping meet systems integration, business process and compliance requirements.

Ready for some Expert advice?

Our business consultants are here to help you accelerate and simplify your digital transformation journey.

The UK's leading organisations Trust DCS

"We wanted to deal with a single supplier to digitise the bulk of our various specialised information.

DCS demonstrated the necessary experience and offered an impressive hosted solution clearly capable of delivering what was required."


-Project Manager, Siemens Procurement & Logistics

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