Benefits of Records Automation

What are the Benefits of Electronic Records Management Software?

Moving from paper-based to automated electronic records management won’t mean changing the records management framework you already have in place. DCS FileStore records management software is highly versatile and can be used to support or drive records management systems built around best practice frameworks such as ISO 15489, MoReq or DIRKS as well as bespoke or industry-specific frameworks.

Change with changing compliance frameworks

As organisations and regulatory requirements evolve, your records management system and the framework upon which it is based may also need to change. FileStore electronic records management software is not tied to any one particular records management framework and has the functionality to help you migrate from one framework to another much more easily than is the case with paper-based systems.

Implement flexible file plans

FileStore automated electronic records management gives records managers greater levels of control and flexibility in managing file plans. Working with electronic documents in the FileStore system enables easy tracking, tracing and monitoring of records at any point in the record lifecycle. This is useful for legal discovery in which all relevant records have to be declared and other documents declared as records with suspension of normal record retention schedules. With FileStore you can quickly modify the status of individual records or record categories in relation to their retention and disposition and easily change access rights to records and groups of records in relation to the required level of protection.

Flexible taxonomies

Taxonomies are an important driver in successful records management systems. A carefully planned taxonomy helps organise records in the most effective way for rapid retrieval and easy records management from the point of view of security and retention. The more specific the taxonomy is to your organisation the more effective it will be in the longer term. The DCS records management solution gives record managers the tools to work with an inventory of all identified record types within your organisation. With these tools, you can build completely customised records taxonomy, whilst linking in any useful pre-defined taxonomy.

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