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Successful Scanning Projects

Outsourcing your scanning project to Data Capture Solutions

Successful scanning projects

A well-executed scanning project depends on strategically agreeing on a number of factors at the start. To create a logical and trustworthy online document resource in line with all compliance commitments (e.g. BIP 0008), there may be a strong argument for outsourcing your scanning project to Data Capture Solutions.

Document preparation and settings

High level preparation includes removing paper clips and staples, unfolding, arrangement into defined batches. Depending on the documents and scanners to be used, header or separator sheets may be necessary and double-sided documents may need to be separated from single-sided.
The output should be a standard recognisable text or image file format, such as PDF, TIFF or JPEG. Compression (if used at all) should always be lossless, never lossy – otherwise information is lost and the image is no longer an exact copy.

Case Study: Securitas save office space by converting legacy employee files to digital records.

Image treatment

It is usually advisable to run images through quality enhancement software as it is being scanned. The software used must be of sufficient standard to perfectly preserve the information on the document so that it remains an accurate representation of the original with its evidential weight intact.


The destination of image files should be an EDM to which individual access rights can be defined. FileStore EDM from DCS is a regulation-compliant system which delivers an efficient platform which can be installed on-premise or deployed on a Software as a Service (SaaS) basis.

DCS preserves a wide variety of drawings and microfilms for East Midlands Electricity

Thames Water outsource the receipt of property information requests arriving in paper form to DCS for electronic conversion


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