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Outsource Mailroom Services

Cost saving and reduction of fixed overheads

Outsourced Mailroom Services

Organisations can use DCS mailroom services to address a range of operational issues. These can include cost saving and reduction of fixed overheads, significant efficiency improvements and achieving greater flexibility.

Among the organisations using our outsourced mailroom services are Natural England, Laithwaites Direct Wines, FGA Capital and one of the world’s largest companies, ExxonMobil.

How do DCS mailroom services work?

DCS can arrange to receive your mail at our UK-based facilities via services such as Hays DX or by setting up dedicated PO Box addresses. We can use this system to collect mail centrally for all your business locations or individual business processes, such as invoice processing, form processing, claim handling, marketing campaigns, recruitment drives etc.

Using state-of-the-art scanners and Kofax Capture and KTM technology, we then scan your incoming mail and route the digitised documents directly to the appropriate team, workflow or business process. Many clients also use our hosted FileStore EDM repository, which provides secure online storage of mail documents and enables viewing and retrieval by your teams from any web-enabled terminal running standard browser software.

How do DCS digital mailroom services reduce costs?

With DCS digital mailroom services, organisations can reduce fixed cost mail room overheads. Charging is based on a simple usage model, which reflects peaks and troughs in demand. The DCS service also provides a centralised mail handling solution, which can process mail for all branches of an organisation, allowing elimination of duplicated mailroom operations.

Our digital mailroom service provides a range of cost saving and efficiency benefits, including:

  • Reducing your paper storage costs.
  • Eliminating delays in receiving important mail items.
  • Eliminating the incidence of lost or misdirected mail.
  • Saving time with instant on-screen retrieval of electronic documents.
  • Improving compliance with a fully auditable electronic process.
  •  Improving process visibility with management reporting on incoming document volumes and other metrics.
  • Enabling business process automation with the ability to route and track digitised documents through workflows.

Meet operational efficiency targets and reduce mail room costs.

End-to-end processing

For documents such as forms or invoices, we can offer additional data extraction and validation services to accelerate processing. Traditionally, these documents would have to be processed manually involving rekeying data into back office systems. With our Kofax Capture system, we can automate extraction of the required data directly from paper form or invoice documents, perform rapid validation and deliver complete and accurate data straight to your back-end ERP or CRM.

Security of your data

Our UK service centre has full ISO 27001 accreditation governing information security and is registered with the ICO for Data Protection compliance. We handle sensitive documents for a large number of UK central government departments who value the fact that their data is held in proven UK-based storage locations of “safe harbour”.

Outsourced cheques, direct debit forms and other workflows for FGA Capital

An outsourced order processing solution enhances a mail ordering service

Savills reduces processing costs with an Outsourced Invoice Processing and secure storage solution

ExxonMobil outsource European invoice receipt to DCS for instant access via the web


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